Made To Measure Curtains

Made to Measure Curtains

Made to measure curtains bring custom quality into any home. Curtains are very popular window treatments and bring life into a room with their long fabrics. They are generally made of fabric, often a fairly thick kind. Curtains made to measure are some of the highest quality window treatments available. Ordering made to measure curtains means that the window dressings are customized to your preference and measurements — they are sized to cover your exact window specifications in both length and width. And with the wide array of quality curtains options that The Blinds Source offers, any New York City home window need will be met with style.

What are the benefits of Curtains Made to Measure?

Range of options

Many styles of curtains are available to meet custom measurements and specifications. One popular style of curtain is sheer curtains. Made to order sheer curtains are made of thin, gauzy, translucent fabric intended so that anyone inside can see out, yet the curtains still filter and control light, as well as act as a kind of screen when the window or door is open. Your window treatment professional will know how to measure for sheer curtains. Another popular style is blackout curtains. These are thick, dark curtains that act to prevent almost all light from coming in. These curtains are particularly useful in bedrooms or other rooms that homeowners want to keep entirely dark and quiet. These are just a few of the many options that The Blinds Source offers, and they can all be custom-fitted to your home and windows.

Quality of fit

Curtains made to measure are the best kind of curtain for any home with windows of irregular size, or in which homeowners want to cover more or less of the wall. Some windows are abnormally large, which requires made to measure curtains. And for windows that are smaller than normal, ordering custom curtains in a larger size means that the windows underneath appear larger as well. For any window that needs an unusually-sized set of curtains, ordering made to measure curtains is essential to preserve an aesthetically pleasing sense of proportion in your window treatment.

Environment control

Curtains made to measure are the ultimate window treatment in terms of controlling an interior environment. They can be ordered as thin fabric intended to let in lots of light and air, which creates a more natural indoor environment. Or they can be thick, heavy curtains that have the capacity to keep out natural light and noise, and helps a resident create the exact indoor environment that they desire.

Makes windows seem larger

One particular benefit of made to measure curtains is that they can make small windows seem larger. When windows are ordered a size up, the windows underneath appear larger in proportion. That means that any wall with windows that look too small can be instantly fixed with a single order of custom curtains, so that they look exactly the size a homeowner needs them to be — no window replacement needed.

Why Will Made to Measure Curtains Work for my Home?

Curtains made to measure are the true sign of a home decorated for detail. They show that the decorator left no detail no chance. For any New York City home with abnormally sized windows, or with particular window needs, custom curtains are particularly essential. And even in every other home, made to measure curtains are a great help since every homeowner has different needs and desires. The Blinds Source offers quality custom curtains so that every room in a home can be designed with every detail covered — down to the last inch.

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