Blackout Shades



Sleep and health.
Many studies show the importance of total darkness to sleep and health. Humans are meant to sleep in total darkness, but our modern society likes to disrupt that natural state of sleep. Homes nearby light up, streetlights shine, and passing cars flash headlights into our bedrooms. Thanks to light pollution like this, our sleep suffers, and we become more depressed, develop higher risks of disease like breast cancer, our immune response is dampened, and many other aspects of our wellbeing suffer. New York City has one of the highest rates of light pollution in the United States, and in the “city that never sleeps,” it’s even more important to create a dark space to catch up on sleep.

Light control.
Blackout shades for windows are the absolute best in their field for blocking out light. They block nearly 100% of light from coming in, which creates a dark environment perfect for a bedroom, movie room, or even a spot for an afternoon nap for your child. Blocking light is crucial for sleep and can be important for concentration, and blackout shades for windows are extremely helpful for that, especially in New York City.

The best blackout shades are a great visual addition to many rooms. Their monotone color is perfect for many modern aesthetics, which involve lots of right angles and single-tone decorations. And the light blocking capabilities of the curtains creates a space in which the decorations can take priority. A New York homeowner can have full control over the appearance of their room and home, which means that they have the ability to create everything as they need. And with custom blackout shades, they can even control the size and style of the window treatments themselves.

Noise and heat.
Blackout shades for windows are typically made of a dark, thick fabric, since their primary purpose is to block out nearly 100% of light. But that means that the best blackout shades also significantly dampen noises from the New York City noisesoutside, and they act as effective insulators as well. Blackout window shades create a dark, cool, quiet environment, perfect for sleeping, getting work done, or any other activity requiring such an environment. Particularly in a noisy, busy area like New York City, reducing noise is essential. And in a hot NYC summer the cooling effect is ideal.


Custom blackout shades are one of the best additions to improve your home. In any NYC home, you want to minimize excess noise and light, as well as to manage temperature indoors. The best blackout shades, with a thick, dark fabric, are an excellent way to accomplish all those goals. The Blinds Source has been serving the New York City area for decades, and we’re excited to help you find the perfect blackout window shades for your home. If you have any questions on which shades you should get for your windows, contact us here, and we can help you.