Luminette Blinds In New York

Luminette Blinds

Luminette blinds are one of the most unique styles of window treatments on the market today. They’re a large kind of blind that involves both a sheer backing and long blinds. They’re a great statement piece, yet can work in many different types of home.

What are they?

Luminette blinds are made from two elements. They have a sheer liner-like fabric, usually made out of one large piece of cloth, and a series of long vertical blinds. The sheer fabric makes it so that even when the blinds are turned opened or drawn open, light still gets filtered before it comes in the room. The blinds are often long, sometimes stretching from the floor to the ceiling. They can be turned 180 degrees, so that they either block out the daylight or let almost all of it through. The blinds can also be drawn so that they can let through even more light and open up a great view. Luminette blinds can be made out of a number of different materials, including wood, faux wood, vinyl, and more.

What are the Benefits of Luminette Blinds?

Unique vertical style

Luminette blinds are a very distinctive visual touch. They are one of the most unique styles of blinds, thanks to their two-part construction and unusual long vertical pieces. This can set a room above the rest in terms of design and appearance. While other blind solutions and window treatments can look great, these blinds make a striking visual impression.

Perfect for large windows

Larger windows are a tricky problem for window treatments and interior decoration. Many blinds either don’t fit floor to ceiling windows or doors or don’t look good due to their small proportions. But luminette blinds are an ideal fit. The individual blinds are generally larger than mini blinds or Venetian blinds — they’re usually several inches wide, though they can be customized to nearly any size.

Ultimate light control

Luminette blinds offer unmatched light control. They have a two-part light control system, due to the sheer fabric behind the blinds as well as the blinds themselves. If you want to block out most light, you can turn the hanging blinds to a closed position. But if you want to let in more light, simply turn the blinds back. And thanks to the sheer backdrop, the light will come in filtered, meaning that you and your furniture will be protected from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Easy cleaning

Luminette blinds are very easy to clean, thanks to their uniform construction and long, regular slats. In addition, they can easily be cleaned with advanced cleaning techniques like ultrasonic cleaning. Thanks to these techniques, these blinds can make your home easier to clean and maintain, while making it look better and making it easier to control light. In a busy place like New York, quality blinds from The Blinds Source can make a hurried life a little easier.


Luminette blinds are a great aid for home privacy. For total privacy you can close your blinds completely, but even when the blinds are open, the sheer fabric acts as a privacy screen. That means you can keep it open, and most of the light will come in, although it will be filtered by the screen. And if you have a good view, you’ll be free to look outside. But no one will be able to see in from outside the home. This means that even with the blinds open, you get all the advantages of a bare window with none of the privacy concerns.

Are Luminette Blinds Right for my New York City Home?

Luminette blinds are a great choice for many homes. Particularly for any home that wants a large, elegant, noticeable window treatment, these blinds are a perfect solution. And even for other homes, the two-part construction of the blinds means that they can play a versatile role in creating a perfect indoor space. The Blinds Source is happy to offer the best in custom blinds to the NYC area, just as we’ve been doing for decades, and we’re ready to help you find your luminette blinds today.