Soft Shades

Soft Shades

Soft shades can be one of the best ways to create a home environment which truly feels like home. Soft window shades create a feeling of ease and comfort, but they’re still highly functional window coverings.

What are the Benefits of Soft Window Coverings?

Absorb sound.

Soft shades are some of the best window options for reducing or absorbing sound. Thanks to their natural softness and texture, they act as effective soundproofing materials for any room. This is perfect for a bedroom, home office, or any other room which requires quiet for concentration or sleeping. Instead of buying both curtains and soundproofing materials, soft window shades combine the two into one elegant package.

Options for light control.

Filter light or darken room. Soft window curtains can either filter light coming in or darken a room. Light filtering is an excellent quality, since it can totally change the environment of a room. For instance, if one of your rooms is in a certain color scheme, you can find a soft shade that will not only match that color scheme, but will filter the incoming light to match that color scheme as well. On the other hand, if you’re looking to simply block out light, then you can find a soft shade that is thick and dark enough to simply keep a room dark. Both of these varieties are desirable, and both can fit in well with a modern NYC home.

Variety of shades and colors.

One great thing about soft window coverings is the wide variety of options for your window treatment. Soft window coverings come in just about every possible shade or color, and come in numerous different materials as well. Of course, most of these materials are similar types of fabrics since they have to create a soft material. But some soft shades are sheer and thin, while other soft shades are thick and dark, and can even work as blackout curtains. This variety of options is an ideal selection for nearly any home.

Airy Fabrics.

Many shoppers are looking for a window treatment that blends nicely with a sunny day and white window trim. Soft shades are perfect for this — they’re not made of harsh or hard materials, but they are soft enough to almost blend into incoming rays of light. This kind of airy fabric is very popular, especially with sheer fabrics.


Many varieties of soft window coverings serve well as privacy screens. Many kinds are sheer enough to let in a good deal of light while making sure that it’s impossible or difficult to see inside. Instead of having to choose between either a totally transparent window or a totally opaque curtain, soft window shades allow you to choose an option that has the advantages of both, allowing and filtering incoming light while keeping your room private.

Soft appearance.

In the modern decorating style popular in places like New York City, it’s very popular to have hard lines, square furniture, bare floors, or similar decorations. Soft shades can balance out this look, thanks to their soft texture and appearance.

Will Soft Window Coverings be Right for my Home?

Soft shades are a perfect solution for many homes. Any home that needs to have a relaxed, comfortable feeling in its environment would be ideal for soft window shades. Soft shades provide great light control, and they provide strong privacy as well. For quality soft window coverings, The Blinds Source is one of New York City’s premier suppliers. We have been serving the area for over twenty years, and we’re ready to help you find the perfect soft shades for your home.