Roller Window Shades in NYC

Roller Window Shades in NYC

Roller Window shades in NYC are one of the simplest options for window coverage. Not only do they offer a modern, minimalist style, but they’re also a breeze to raise or lower. For the decorator looking to streamline the look and feel of any room, these shades are a perfect solution. And in modern New York City, that minimal, streamlined feel can be a fantastic touch. We have all the stylish window treatments in NYC.

How do Roller Shades Work?

These shades are a form of horizontal shade — meaning they roll up and down instead of moving side to side. Many forms of horizontal shades or curtains have to be pulled up or down by use of a cord, like venetian blinds, but window roller shades work using a simpler mechanism. Most of these shades operate with a simple cordless lift. That means that when you pull them down, they lock into place. Then when you pull again, they automatically retract up. Some of these blinds also use a “continuous cord,” which is a loop of cord (usually small metal beads), that goes up or down depending on which way the cord is pulled. Window roller shades can come in a variety of materials and fabrics, from thinner, lighter cloth to dark, opaque blackout materials. And of course, these shades are made to perfectly fit any window size in your New York City home.

What are the Benefits of Window Roller Shades?

Options for lifting and lowering.

Some varieties of shades or blinds require extensive work on the part of the operator: raising, lowering, adjusting, tilting. But roller shades for windows often just require a simple downward pull to raise or lower. Some others are corded or even motorized, depending on the specific need of the customer and window. These shades are an attractive window covering for those who don’t want cords or rods in front of their shades.


Minimalist is fashionable with homeowners and decorators alike. Roller blinds in NYC give your home a sleek appearance noticeable from street level. And in a place like New York City, simple decorations can elegantly balance out the busy clutter of city life. In contrast to intense patterns and lines, a straightforward and elegant pull-down shade may be just the thing to perfect a room.

Less Light Pollution.

Roller window shades in NYC are some of the most effective for light control. They can be made out of blackout materials, in order to completely cut off light in a particular room. That can transform a bedroom into a perfect retreat, removing light pollution from outside. The National Sleep Foundation says that artificial light disrupts the body’s natural rhythms and seriously harms sleep. This is a particularly big problem in the City That Never Sleeps. Cutting out external lights is the first step towards fixing your sleep schedule.

Light Control Options.

In other rooms, custom roller shades can be made of many different materials to allow in the perfect amount of light. A simple tan shade in a living room can create a cooler mid-afternoon reading spot, for instance. The variety of lighting options makes roller window shades a great choice for any environment.

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Should I Get Roller Shades For My NYC Home?

Roller window shades are an ideal decoration for the forward-looking home decorator in New York City. They’re simultaneously practical and stylish, with a minimum of hassle. Roller shades for windows can make a real difference in both the look and lighting of any room, the two most important factors in appearance. And custom roller shades, such as a New York skyline roller blind, are made to fit any window perfectly — no more ill-fitting window treatments. For the perfect window, these shades are a great way to go.