Real Wood Blinds In New York City

Real Wood Blinds In New York City

Wood blinds are an excellent choice for the forward-thinking home. These window coverings marry a modern aesthetic with a rich classic style. And that combination captures the essence of New York City itself — the new mixing with the classic. Wood blinds can be a tasteful complement for your NYC home.

What are Wooden Blinds Used For?

Wooden slat blinds are an innovative take on the traditional window blind. Wood blinds for windows are at once an effective window covering and a stylish decorative statement. When closed, they can effectively block sun, thanks to their thick, opaque nature. But their mobility means that they can also let sun through. Some wood blinds for windows work in exactly the same way as venetian blinds — they have a cord for raising and lowering the blinds, and a rod you can twist to angle each slat up or down. But some wooden slat blinds are even easier. Many have a wooden piece running up and down, connecting each shade. That means you can raise and lower each blind with a quick, easy motion. This functionality makes these window coverings some of the most practical and effective options for decorating your home on the New York City market.

Why Should I Have Wood Blinds in New York?


These window coverings have incredible colors due to both their natural hues and to the quality craftsmen who cut, stain, and treat these blinds. They can come in a great range of colors. For those who like darker colors, a deep espresso stain can look stunning; while others may prefer a lighter tan or “latte” coloring. Any of these colors will add a rich, textured feel to your NYC home or apartment.

Real wood blinds.

Unsurprisingly, these blinds are made with real wood. While faux wood has its benefits, real wood provides a solid, authentic feel. It looks like wood, it feels like wood, and it ages like wood. While many quality window treatments are made with plastic, metal, fabric, or other materials, real wood is in a league of its own. There’s a reason it’s one of the oldest building materials known to man. Despite its traditional nature, however, this decorating style can be a perfect complement for your modern home in New York City.


Made to measure wooden blinds have an excellent variety that makes them suitable for nearly any apartment or home. Custom wood blinds can be adapted for nearly any home — they work with almost all window sizes and shapes. And the wide range of colors available make these a perfect choice for any style or size of home.


Wood blinds in NYC are clearly a beautiful aesthetic choice. But looks aren’t everything. You want your windows to work, and you want your window coverings to work. Wooden slat blinds offer some of the smoothest and most reliable functionality. And due to their thickness, they’re highly effective at blocking out light.

Easy To Maintain.

Wooden slat blinds are some of the easiest around to clean, which can be a major advantage for the busy home or apartment owner. Thanks to the broad, flat slats, you can just run a cloth over them and be done. And unlike long fabric curtains, you don’t have to worry about pets, vacuums, or stains damaging the window treatment.

Ease Of Use.

These window coverings are easily adjustable since you can pull them up or adjust their angle with just a quick motion.

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Are Wooden Blinds Right for My New York City Home?

Custom wood blinds are one of the best options for any living space in New York today. They are a versatile, modern, and beautiful option for decorating a home, and they work particularly well in and around the city. For the best fit for your home or apartment, made to measure wooden blinds are a sleek option that will be sure to impress.