Vignette Shades

Vignette Shades

Vignette shades are one of the unique styles of window treatment that The Blinds Source is proud to offer. They’re a perfect balance between traditional Roman shades and more textured modern shades, and the wide variety of options for customizing Vignette window coverings makes them an ideal choice for many homes.

What are Vignette Window Shades?

Vignette window coverings are actually a type of Roman shade. Roman shades are a type of shade which condense into an even stack, usually at the top of a window. Then when they come open they unroll smoothly, and are not uneven or bumpy like similar types of blinds or shades. This smoothness and evenness are the main characteristics of the Roman shade, since they are in a neat stack when opened and in a smooth sheet when opened. Vignette window coverings in particular feature a series of smooth folds, which appear even no matter how far up or down the shade is rolled. These distinctive smooth folds of fabric give Vignette window shades their signature soft, even touch, making them a great choice for a smart, clean window treatment.

What are the Benefits of Vignette Window Coverings?

Design variety.

Vignette shades can come in a great variety of different styles. Not only do they come in different colors, but they can come in different fabrics, thicknesses, and even in different fold sizes. The most popular sizes are 4” and 6” folds — the 4” folds are a full fold, meaning they have the soft drape which accompanies a surplus of fabric, while the 6” folds are a clean, tight fold since they have to occupy more space. Each variety can be great, and The Blinds Source is ready to help you find the kind of Vignette window shades that will fit your home.

Variety of practical features.

Vignette shades don’t only have a wide variety of different appearances. They also have a large range of possible functional options. One option is motorization — Vignette window coverings have the ability to be controlled wirelessly through an app, giving users convenient and complete control over their window treatments. In addition, Vignette shades can be made to pull down from the top, pull up from the bottom, or pull side to side. This choice of possibilities for both vertical and horizontal shades means that Vignette window coverings can not only cover normal windows, but they can also cover large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, making them a great choice for many different kinds of New York City homes.

UV protection.

Vignette shades are an excellent way to protect yourself and your home from harmful ultraviolet rays. UV rays can damage your eyes, even leading to blindness, according to medical studies. And not only can they damage your eyes, but UV rays can damage your furniture, floors, and even walls. Unfiltered sunlight can make patterns and colors fade, and reduce the longevity of your interior decor. But Vignette shades are thick enough that they filter out the majority of harmful radiation, keeping you safe and your room looking as vibrant as ever.

Energy efficiency.

Vignette window coverings are highly efficient in saving energy. Thanks to their folded construction, they retain heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer. That leads to your house easily staying as cool or as warm as you like it with no additional effort or expenditure. And not only do vignette window shades help you stay more comfortable, but these shades can help you save big on every electric and gas bill, and may eventually even pay for themselves.

Are Vignette Shades Right for my New York City Home?

Vignette shades are one of the greatest window treatments available for any NYC home. Their clean look puts them right at home in any modern decor scheme, but their soft, rounded look makes them perfect for any living area. Get started today and contact us!