Indoor Skylight Shades

Skylight Shades

Skylight shades are an excellent addition to any New York City home. Skylights are a unique, modern touch to homes or apartments, and shades help make them even better. Since most people don’t want full daylight coming in all day long, these window treatments help to reduce that light. Many types are remote control skylight shades to help adjust them from afar, while other types have a cord that lets you easily manually adjust them up or down. Not only are there several types of adjusting mechanisms, but there are also many different styles of shades. One popular option is a honeycomb or Duette Architella shade, but many fabric options are available.

What Makes Skylight Shades a Good Choice?

Range of options.

Many different styles of skylight shades are available and can be custom-fit to perfectly suit any home. In addition, many different colors are options in order to become a seamless addition to any decor scheme. Skylight shades can come in different opacities as well. Since they’re adjustable shades, you can uncover a certain amount of window space in order to let in a certain amount of light. Skylight blinds with a remote make adjusting the light easy. With different opacity, you can even control the amount of light coming in when the blind is fully closed. That means your room or entire home can be the perfect brightness all day long.

UV control.

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is a very serious health concern. According to a report by the World Health Organization, UV radiation can lead to skin cancer, infections, and even blindness. And these effects are not only caused by acute UV exposure or sunburn — they can be caused by even low UV levels. That means that you can absorb these harmful rays even when sitting inside. That’s why it’s important to block the sun’s harmful radiation with fabric since windows let in large levels of UV light. And it’s even more important for skylights since they face directly towards the sun for large parts of the day. Indoor skylight shades can help to solve this by blocking large amounts of UV light coming through.

Highlight home decor.

One unique fact about skylight shades is that they can change the environment of an entire room. Since they absorb and pass through so much light, the color of the shades is reflected on the entire room beneath them. That means the color chosen for the shades is important since it will affect the entire color scheme of the room.


Skylight shades are a convenient way to improve your home. Many shades these days come with a remote control so you don’t even have to reach up or cross the room to adjust them. A remote control skylight shade allows you to change the setting with two feet on the ground instead of getting out the ladder. If it gets too hot or bright in a room, you can simply remotely lower the shades with the push of a button. If it’s too cold or dark, simply raise the shades. And with the durable products that The Blinds Source offers, with free installation, you won’t have to constantly get up to the skylight to adjust, fix or change your shades.

Reduce glare.

The addition of quality skylight shades on skylights dramatically reduces glare and improves the general environment of a room. While uncovered skylights allow sunlight directly into your home, indoor skylight shades reduce the bare sunlight coming in. That means that laptops, phones, and tablets will be easily visible, and you will never need to squint indoors again.

Are Indoor Skylight Shades the Right Fit for my Home?

If your home or apartment has skylights, then they almost certainly need shades. Installing shades doesn’t have to be a nuisance or a large undertaking — The Blinds Source offers free installation for all of its quality products. In order to control the light in your home, put the finishing touches on your interior decorations, and protect yourself and loved ones from harmful UV rays, The Blinds Source can help you find the perfect set of shades for your New York City home, guaranteed.