Pirouette Shades

Pirouette Shades

Pirouette blinds and shades are a very attractive, unique, and functional kind of window treatment. They can function as a sheer curtain, as an opaque one, and can even be drawn up, looking great in any position. Pirouette window coverings are a soft, attractive way to round out a room. Between the variety of options possible in their construction and their versatility of use, pirouette window shadings are an excellent choice for many New York City homes.

What are they?

Pirouette shades are made up of a series of horizontal “vanes” or shades attached to a sheer backing fabric. Each vane is essentially a rounded piece of fabric. These pirouette window shades can be adjusted to stretch open and touch the next one in order to create an opaque “closed” position for the shade. Then the pirouette blinds can be opened up again, which each vane looks more like a loop of fabric, and you can see through the spaces in between to the sheer fabric.

What are the Advantages of Pirouette Window Shades?

Unique design.

Pirouette window shades have an extremely innovative and unique construction. Few other types of shades adjust their shape without moving the entire shade, and pirouette window shades are some of the easiest shades to use on the market today.

Light diffusion.

Pirouette window shadings do a wonderful job of diffusing light. Since both elements of their construction are fabric, any light that comes in is filtered through one or two different layers. That creates a nice even light across an entire room, making sure no spot is too bright or dark.

UV and glare protection.

A good window treatment can actually be crucial for your health. Both direct ultraviolet light and glare can be very harmful to your eyes, causing difficulty in seeing, pain, and even the development of cataracts. Unlike other kinds of window treatments, though, pirouette window shades actually filter out harmful light and reduce glare even when they’re in the open position. That’s because when you adjust the vanes to be open, the sheer fabric backing is still filtering the light. Quality shades like pirouette shades can not only be important for your home’s decor, but they can also be important for your health.

Range of options.

Pirouette window shadings have a wide range of possible options. The vanes can be made out of a variety of possible fabrics and colors, meaning that pirouette shades can let in as much or as little light as you want. Pirouette shades have many options for movement as well — you can adjust the vanes to be open, closed, or in between, and they look great whichever way you choose. You can even make the pirouette shades motorized — with the push of a button you can raise or lower the shade, and with another button, you can open or close the vanes. With this wide range of options for controlling light and movement, you can make sure that your shades are giving the perfect light effect in your room.

Soft appearance.

Thanks to their dual-fabric construction, pirouette window coverings are some of the softest looking and feeling window treatments on the market. Both the sheer backing and the fabric vanes are made up of soft fabric, and the rounded shapes of the vanes create an even more subtle and soft effect.

Will Pirouette Window Coverings Work for My Home?

Pirouette shades are a tasteful yet functional window treatment that look great in nearly any home. The elegant style of pirouette window shades is perfect for homeowners who are looking to put the finishing touches on a nice room, and their two-part construction makes them ideal for any sunny room or any room where light control is important. The Blinds Source has been matching New York City customers with the perfect window treatment for years, and they can help you find the perfect pirouette shade for your home today.