Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are excellent additions to any home. While they’re not the most common blinds available, they are becoming more recognized as a perfect solution to block out unwanted sunlight, city lights, and even the noise of New York City. That’s why they’re perfect not only for a quiet bedroom, but a living room, or even a workroom where light and noise control are crucial.


These blinds are a form of window covering, generally cloth or finely cut wood, that are thick enough to keep out nearly all light. Like their cousins the blackout curtain, made-to-measure blackout blinds are designed to totally “black out” all incoming light, in order to transform a naturally bright room into an almost nighttime setting. This can be extremely useful in the city that never sleeps. But unlike blackout curtains, blinds roll down vertically instead of being on a vertical rod. This means that they can be retracted or lowered with just a pull of a cord, making them one of the most versatile and useful additions to a home.


Ease of use.
The best blackout blinds are far easier to use than some opposing products. Vertical curtains, for instance, require you to drag them across a curtain rod to adjust them. That can result in additional wear and tear, and sometimes just takes more time than you would like. But made-to-measure blackout blinds can drop down with ease and don’t require any adjustment. With just the pull of a cord, a room can go from full daylight to complete darkness.

Total control of light.
The greatest feature of the best blackout blinds, of course, is that they prevent basically all light from coming through. While other kinds of widow coverings like venetian blinds allow in adjustable amounts of light, no other kind of blinds can block out all income light. These blinds are easily adjustable to allow all outside light, but can quickly drop down and black out the window.

Environment control.
Blackout window blinds don’t just keep light out. They also control noise and heat. These blinds are thick enough to offer effective soundproofing, even if you live on a busy New York City street. Window blackout blinds cover windows so fully, and have so much volume to them, that they shield rooms from noise coming in from the outside. They also prevent sound from traveling outside. That’s particularly important in a bedroom, where you or your children are trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Energy saving.
These blinds are great at energy regulation as well. For the same reasons that they act as effective noise insulators, they act as effective energy insulators. On a hot New York City day, blackout window blinds keep a room and house cool, blocking out the light that would typically warm your house. On a cold New York City evening, these blinds keep the heat from escaping through your windows. This not only creates a more comfortable environment inside, but it saves on the energy bill as well!


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Are Blackout Blinds Right for My Home?

Made-to-measure blackout blinds are an excellent fit for many homes and even offices. If you need a dark room for a good night’s sleep; if you have a child who needs lots of sleep and naps; or if you enjoy keeping rooms cool, dark, and quiet; then blackout window blinds are a perfect fit. Perhaps you live in New York City and just want the extra privacy. Or maybe the solid construction and easy vertical pull are appealing for their aesthetic appeal and functional convenience. Either way, total blackout blinds are a solid choice that will accent and improve your home.