Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades

When designing the decor of an interior room, window treatments should be one of the first considerations. And pleated window shades are a perfect way to change your windows from just a source of light into an attractive, light-filtering key feature of a room. Pleated shades are like other curtains, in that they drop down and expand with the pull of a cord, and they pull up and collapse into a stack at the top of the window with a pull of the same cord. Pleated shades expand differently from other shades, however — when they drop and fold-out, they create a distinctive zig-zag pattern, with sharp corners that are easily identifiable from across the room. This distinctive pattern sets these shades apart, along with their convenience and variety of options.

What Sets Pleated Window Shades Apart?

Convenience and variety.

Pleated shades are highly convenient. They are easy to collapse or open, thanks to their design. It’s even possible to motorize them, meaning that you could open your shades with only the touch of a button on a remote from across a room. While some options for window treatments and accessories are a hassle to manage, with arranging, pulling, and maintenance required to keep them straight, these shades are naturally orderly and convenient to own and operate.

Distinctive pattern.

Pleated window shades have a highly distinctive pattern. Their sharp creases create a zig-zag angled pattern, which adds a great deal of texture to any room. The three-dimensional effect is often lost in other window treatments, but this type of shade has real depth, which is what many New York City homeowners are looking for to replace a flatter style of curtain or drape. And The Blinds Source offers many different sizes, patterns, and colors for their custom pleated shades, meaning that any room or design scheme can work well with pleated shades.

Ease of use.

While some blinds require frequent adjustment in order to control the amount of light coming into a room, pleated shades are a quick and easy setup. Anyone can merely pull on a cord, and the shade goes up. Pull-on the cord again, and the shade goes down. And of course, the shade can be set to the exact preferred height to allow in the optimal amount of light.

Light control.

Pleated window shades are highly effective at controlling the amount of light coming into a room. Of course, the shades can be raised or lowered, but they also come in different opacities, meaning that some kinds allow much more light in than others. In addition, it’s possible to order custom pleated shades with blackout liners. Blackout liners are typically a dark fabric that block out almost 100% of light. They can be attached to various window treatments so that when the treatment is lowered almost no light is allowed into the room.

Are Custom Pleated Shades Right for my Home?

Custom pleated shades are one of the best visual additions you can make to your New York City home. Their bold, angled pattern instantly stands out as a visual highlight, and the depth of the shade and range of options of fabric, color, etc. creates a wide range of possibilities for the perfect fit in your home. And The Blinds Source’s custom options mean that you can fit pleated window shades in any window, large or small. Our shades are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction, and we guarantee that you’ll find them easy to use in order to make any room in your home a visually appealing, pleasant place to be.