Bamboo Shades

Bamboo Shades For Your New York City Home

Bamboo shades are an excellent alternative to more traditional materials like wood or metal. They are versatile, attractive, and could be a unique addition to add a vibrant, natural touch to your living room or bedroom.

Bamboo is a classic material of Eastern design. It’s an excellent choice to bring vitality and a unique ambience to your New York City home. A quality bamboo window panel will last for years, providing effective light control and a natural touch to its surroundings. And custom bamboo shades blend seamlessly into any home decor arrangement, making it a strong choice no matter the room.


Bamboo window shades come in a wide variety, each made differently. For example, matchstick shades are cut into thin strips, giving them their name. But all share the same core elements. They’re traditionally made in thin strips, giving an even yet naturally patterned look, and are held together by thin cords. They can be rolled up or pulled to the side, allowing NYC’s natural light to stream into the area.

Most bamboo window shades are manufactured as roman shades, meaning they are designed to create an even texture that blocks most light. These close vertically, which is good for most windows, but bamboo window panels close horizontally, which are perfect for sliding doors or similar windows. And slat blinds, similar to other styles like venetian blinds, allow in as much light as an owner wants.

The Advantages of Bamboo Window Shades In a New York City Home

Unique style.
No other style of window covering looks as unique as bamboo window panels. They give a distinct, attractive sense of greenery, bringing life into any room. Bamboo shades are a striking feature, transforming a useful piece of furniture into a lively yet subtle statement.

Light control.

Woven shades can provide unparalleled light control. They can be opened during the day to flood any area with the natural light of New York City, and they can be closed and even combined with blackout liners in order to provide complete light control. And the many varieties of bamboo shades each let in different levels of light.


Today, bamboo window shades come in a myriad of styles, sizes, and materials. Some matchstick bamboo gives a tight, subtle weave, while slat blinds give a simpler, larger pattern to their windows. Even beyond these styles, custom bamboo shades come in a variety of colors, from their natural vivid green shade to a darker, dyed brown hue. Regardless of the options, bamboo shades give a natural ambience that can be customized to the style of any room.


Bamboo window shades are one of the best options for the environmentally conscious. Bamboo grows in abundance around the world, particularly in Southeast Asia. Bamboo is actually a grass, not technically a wood. Like other grasses, bamboo can grow at a stunning rate of up to 3 feet per day, up to around 100 feet tall in certain parts of the world. That makes it one of the world’s greatest renewable resources. Not only is it an excellent choice for its functionality and its style, but woven bamboo shades are a superior choice for sustainable decorating materials.

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Custom bamboo shades are one of the best additions anyone can make to their interior decor. They provide a custom fit that would enhance any bedroom, office, or living area. Regardless of window size or style, bamboo shades can be tailor made to fit any need. And with the wide variety of bamboo window panels available, with countless different styles and colors, no one is constrained by traditional styles of window furnishings.

Shades made from bamboo present an excellent choice that could be the extra touch that any room needs. Their natural light-blocking ability and beautiful wood construction make bamboo shades the right choice for any home. If you live in New York City or the surrounding New York area, give us a call to find the perfect bamboo blinds for your home.