Blackout Curtains

The Best Blackout Curtains in New York City

The Blinds Source offers some of the highest quality blackout window covers on the market, and an item like this can be especially important when living in a busy place like New York City. It’s not always easy to get some privacy in this bustling city, which is why our NYC headquarters offers a variety of blackout panels so that you can relax at home in private.

Blackout Curtains: Extremely Functional for New York Living

Blackout curtains and blackout panels are one of the most functional window furnishings on the market today. They take window protection, and indoor privacy, to the ultimate degree. The best blackout curtain liners filter out nearly 100 percent of light. Whether you’re a home designer, an apartment renter, or running a home office, that level of control over the light coming into a home is unparalleled.

How Do Blackout Curtains Work?

Blackout curtain liners are made of material thick enough that when they are drawn across a window, almost no light can come through. Blackout curtain liners are most effectively used for keeping rooms entirely dark in the daytime, whereas other window covering styles are good for letting in moderate amounts of light. If you live in New York City, blackout panels could even be useful at night to block out the city lights from the city that never sleeps.

Common Blackout Curtain Styles in New York City

Blackout curtains, just like other kinds of window treatment, come in many different styles. They may have different “headings”, which is the way they attach to and slide along the rod at the top. Some of the types and styles of blackout window coverings in NYC that we offer at The Blinds Source include pencil pleat, eyelet, and pinch pleat. Different varieties are suited to different formalities and styles, but all serve the same purpose of blocking out light while also helping maintain ideal temperatures indoors. Each style is also perfect for ensuring your privacy.

Benefits of Blackout Curtains When Living in New York City

Complete light control.
The main distinctive feature of blackout curtains is the fact that they black out all light. This is due to the thick blackout curtain liner. Other curtain types are great for common spaces where a homeowner wants to block out part of the light while keeping the window covering tightly drawn, but blackout window covers are unique in that they block almost all light when closed. This is perfect for bedrooms, offices, or any other space where you need a dark and quiet environment.

Simply put, the best blackout curtains are beautiful. Their naturally thick fabric and texture makes them a substantial element of a room, and not just a flimsy window dressing. Blackout window covers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles to fit in any room and bring the space together. Whether in a child’s bedroom or an elegant living room, they can enhance any space.

Temperature control/insulation.
Blackout curtain liners are some of the best available for temperature control. Good curtains can prevent a bedroom from feeling cold at night and hot in the morning. Both the thickness of the curtain and its light-blocking abilities means that they’re perfect for keeping any room not only dark, but cool as well. This can come in handy during those hot New York City summer days or cold winter nights.

Energy efficiency.
Since they’re so effective at temperature control, blackout panels are excellent insulators as well. Windows are some of the greatest energy hogs in a home, since they often let A/C or heat out exactly when you don’t want them to. But blackout window liners solve the problem — by keeping good air in and bad air out, they not only keep your temperature stable, but they save on energy bills and sometimes even pay for themselves.

Noise reduction.
Thanks to their thick fabric lining the entire window, blackout curtain liners are effective noise reducers in addition to light reducers. This is key for any room. Just as no one wants to be woken up by unwanted light, no one wants to be woken up by unexpected noise.

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The Best Blackout Curtains for the City that Never Sleeps

The bottom line is that blackout curtains are an essential component of the perfect bedroom, whether you live in New York City or not. Just by adding blackout panels, any bedroom can become cool, quiet, and dark, transforming a good night’s sleep into a great night’s sleep. What more could anyone ask from a beautiful piece of fabric?