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Valances are one of the most important components of an attractive window treatment. They complement any selection of drapes, shades, curtains, or blinds, transforming a simple window decoration into a layered, multi-surface statement piece. Valances for windows draw the eye of any visitor, thanks to their elevated place in a room and their patterns – they often have bold colors and arrangements to complement the rest of the window. Window valances also have the effect of blocking light that may otherwise come in at the top of windows, meaning they have a practical function as well as a decorative one.

What Are Window Valances?

Window valances are a type of strip of fabric designed to adorn the tops of windows and cover the highest point of a curtain. Valance window treatments are often textured or ruffled, contrasting the flat molding or blinds underneath. The purpose of custom valances is to help frame both the window and the window covering, as well as to serve as an effective covering to keep light from coming in through the top of the window.

What Are The Advantages Of Valanes For Windows?

Cover tops of window treatments

Valances for windows have the advantage of covering the highest point of blinds or curtains. This can often be desirable. For instance, some curtains extend above a curtain rod, and may look uneven or in disarray. But valance window treatments can hide that unevenness and keep a clean, put-together look on a window. Or maybe you have a roll-up shade like a roman shade. Custom valances can perfectly hide the rolled shade at the top of the window, so that only the valance is visible when the shade is retracted.

Improve decor of rooms

Valances for windows are one of the best things you can do for the look of your home. They come in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and fabrics. That means that you can find a valance that will perfectly complement whatever kind of window treatment or covering you may have.

Keep out light

Some window treatments don’t do a fully effective job of hiding light from the top of a window, just by their nature. Some kinds of curtains don’t fully extend to the top, for instance. But window valances can help to keep out that final bit of light, to ensure that the window treatment is keeping full control of the light in a room. This is particularly important for window valances in New York, since the city has both natural light in the day and lots of excess light at night.

Clean easily

One benefit of valances is that they’re very easy to clean. Since they’re separate from the window treatment underneath, they can be detached separately as well in order to clean. They don’t naturally attract dust or dirt, but in the event they do, many types can just be detached and thrown in the wash or dry-cleaning. That means for window valances New York is an ideal city, thanks to the abundance of laundromats and dry-cleaning shops around. Cleaning valances is an easy job, and the convenience alone makes them an ideal solution for many New York decorators and homeowners.

Are Custom Valances Right For My Home?

If you live in a home with blinds, curtains, drapes, or any other window treatment, then it’s likely that you need a set of custom valances. They do an exceptional job of complementing any window covering, creating an ideal environment and indoor decoration scheme. Thankfully, The Blinds Source has made quality window treatments for the NYC area for years, including valance window treatments. For custom valances for windows please contact us!