Made To Measure Blinds

Made to Measure Blinds

Made to measure blinds are an excellent addition to any modern home. They show a tremendous attention to detail that is not found in most houses or apartments. They are particularly suited to custom built or special homes, as they help out with windows that may not be made with regular measurements. The Blinds Source provides many kinds of quality blinds made to measure, including materials like bamboo, wood, faux wood, fabric, metal, and more. The many possibilities of material and style make made to measure blinds a safe bet for any home.

What are the Benefits of Blinds Made to Measure?


Ordering custom blinds made to measure allows you to pick the perfect size and shape for your home. Many homes have non-standard sized windows. That means that many blinds or window treatments will not fit off the rack, or will fit poorly and result in poor-looking window treatments. But by ordering blinds made to measure, any window treatments will fit perfectly, contributing to the overall impression of a detail-oriented design. Windows and treatments are one of the first things people notice when they walk into a room, so it’s crucial to get that first impression right with made to measure blinds.

Home value

Blinds made to measure add a tremendous amount of value to any home or residence. Their customized nature makes any room into a perfect, proportional space. By controlling light inside, blinds of all kinds make any home more livable and pleasant. And value like that is often reflected in home prices. That means that an investment in blinds made to measure can often pay for themselves when a home is resold. The New York Times even reported that upgraded blinds can make or break a home sale: “replacing window coverings can go ‘a long way to changing how a space feels.’”


Made to measure blinds often look better inside than other kinds of blinds. They look better because made to measure blinds fit in perfect proportions to the rest of a room. Many homeowners and decorators want this kind of appearance because it conveys the sense that the decorator cared enough about their work to make sure that the window treatments fit perfectly — down to the last inch.


With an array of custom blind options like what The Blinds Source has to offer, any customer can find exactly what they’re looking for. Ordering blinds made to measure means that not only can you find blinds in the exact material, color, and style that you want, but you can find blinds that fit your home windows perfectly. This wide variety of options also means that you can have several different styles of window treatments in the same home, instead of just using the same style for every window. And in the New York City area, this is particularly important. In a city with as many cultures, groups, and styles as NYC, it’s essential to stand out by changing it up and adding some variety. That’s why blinds made to measure can set a home above the crowd, even in NYC.

Why Made to Measure Blinds are Perfect for NYC

In a century of mass production, decorations start to blend together. So how can a home stand out? The answer is to return to made to measure decorations. These classic decorations can take any home decor to the next level. And with the variety and quality of blinds from The Blinds Source in New York City, any blind can be custom made to fit every need that your home may have. To set your home apart with quality and attention to detail, made to measure blinds are the ideal solution.

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