Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are an excellent way to decorate any home. They are forward-thinking, sustainable, easy to use, and highly effective. Bamboo is a very popular option right now, and grows more popular by the day. Natural bamboo blinds convey a strong sense of nature, which is crucial in an area like New York City. They help to bring a little bit of life into a room with their vibrant green wood-like material, and they’re very easy to use, install, and maintain. And custom bamboo blinds are tailor-made to fit any room or apartment. The Blinds Source has been providing custom window options for decades, and they are proud to serve the NYC area with quality custom window blinds.

What are Bamboo Window Blinds?

Bamboo window blinds are made up of a series of horizontal slats of bamboo, ranging from a half inch wide to several inches wide. These can be pulled up into a bunch at the top of a window by merely pulling a cord, and they can also be turned upwards or downwards to let in more or less light by pulling a rod or ribbon. Natural bamboo blinds are made of the bamboo plant, which is actually a kind of fast-growing grass, which means that bamboo is one of the most “green” and sustainable materials for window treatments.

Why are Custom Bamboo Blinds a Good
Choice for my Home?

Light control.

One of the great advantages of any kind of blinds is light control. While many forms of custom window blinds coverings are “on or off,” meaning they’re over
the window or they’re not, blinds are different. You can adjust blinds to a partway point by turning the slats upwards or downwards.


Many bamboo products are less expensive than their wooden competitors, thanks to the plentiful supply of bamboo on the world market. Bamboo window blinds are no exception. They have a relatively low cost of production, yet are incredibly durable, lightweight, and unique in appearance.

Ease of use.

Bamboo window blinds are uniquely easy to use and maintain. While other window treatments require continual adjustment, bamboo blinds are a snap. They can
quickly be adjusted with the pull of a slide or ribbon, and they can easily be pulled up with a pull on their string. In New York City, one of the busiest cities in the world, time is at a premium. That means that you shouldn’t be spending time fussing with your windows, so custom bamboo blinds are a perfect time-saving solution.


Some materials in window treatments are tricky to maintain. Some can tear, bend, or attract dust and dirt. But bamboo is naturally durable, clean, and low-maintenance. Once in a while you can run a dust rag over the blinds, but that’s about the only maintenance necessary. Adding blinds as durable as bamboo to your home means that your blinds will last while other blinds may have to be replaced on a yearly basis, resulting in years of savings for homeowners.

Natural Sourcing.

Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant on the planet. It can grow several feet per day, and now grows in forests around the world. This natural abundance means that bamboo is a highly renewable and sustainable resource, which makes it a perfect choice for any eco-conscious home decorator.

Why Custom Bamboo Blinds are the Right Fit for NYC Homes

Natural bamboo blinds are the perfect style for New York City homes and apartments. Their vibrant
forest-like effect brings some life into every room, and they’re highly effective in providing the perfect amount of light. Custom bamboo blinds are a great fit for any home, and are extraordinarily easy to use. The Blinds Source is NYC’s premier window treatment provider, and they have been providing quality
products like bamboo window blinds to the area for decades.