Bamboo Window Treatments

Bamboo Curtains

Bamboo curtains provide a distinctive and eco-friendly option for modern homeowners looking for a clean, forward-thinking NYC aesthetic. The Blinds Source offers options to accommodate color and lighting preferences, varying window shape, and more. Bamboo is the fastest-growing plant in the world and a highly renewable resource. Bamboo window treatment’s lighter coloration diffuses light into a room while keeping harsher direct rays at bay. The neutral tan and light brown options available for bamboo curtains for windows fit effortlessly with almost any paint color scheme. Bamboo window curtains come in various configurations and styles both simple and elaborate.

Advantages of Bamboo Curtain Blinds:


Since bamboo is a grass that can grow up to three feet a day, and because cutting the plant improves its health, bamboo drapes are environmentally friendly and renewable. Three years after cutting, the plant is ready to be harvested again. Many consumers want to ensure that their product choices are supporting the environment, and bamboo curtain panels are one of the top choices in New York City for green products.


In addition to its ecological benefits, bamboo fibers are stronger than wood and offer increased durability to products made of it. The sturdiness of bamboo curtain blinds allows them to be long-lasting and resistant to the wear and tear that most drapes undergo. No homeowner wants to have to replace their curtains after only a year or two and having durable bamboo window treatments can add peace of mind to any window treatment.

Aesthetic appeal.

Bamboo is a naturally pleasing material which brings to mind images of relaxing tropical destinations. Curtains made of bamboo can immediately transform an urban NYC apartment into a breezy, cheerful home. The natural, uneven pattern of the bamboo drapes will add an unusual flair to any room that many decorators don’t normally find in many standard curtains.


Bamboo curtains for windows are the perfect option for someone who wishes to avoid heavy draperies or unyielding blinds. Bamboo curtains are extremely light and easy to operate. They work well with a smaller curtain rod or for a window in a precarious spot due to their easy functionality and slim construction. While many curtains or window treatments are lightweight, bamboo curtains for windows are some of the only window treatments to be made from natural fibers and still maintain this lightweight.


Bamboo curtain blinds are unique. Because they are made from natural materials, these curtains are all one of a kind and perfect for a state-of-the-art New York City residence. Bamboo curtains are even more uncommon than bamboo drapes, making them an excellent choice for someone looking to make a decorating statement that is both original and classic at the same time.

 Are Bamboo Curtain Blinds Right For My NYC Home?

Bamboo window treatments are some of the most flexible curtains available for modern NYC home decorators. The material is light and flexible, and they can be adjusted into various configurations to allow as much or as little sunlight into the room as desired throughout the day. Some bamboo drapes use a cloth backer that can block out additional light if desired, while others allow some natural light to shine through while filtering out the harsh direct rays. Bamboo curtains for windows can, of course, be dyed or painted any color, but discerning buyers usually prefer the earth tones naturally found in the plant. Colors range from brighter yellows to dark browns, with options that can meld with elegant, minimalist, or classic styles from New York City to the West Coast. Get a free quote today to make bamboo curtains a part of your life!

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