Sheer Curtains

New York City’s Go-To for Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains, also referred to as window sheers, are one of the most elegant pieces of fabric you can put in your home. While window sheers are commonly thought of as warm-weather curtains, fit to hang up in the doorway of a beach home, they’re useful all year round and in any kind of home. The Blinds Source has been helping NYC residents find the perfect window sheers for their homes for over 20 years.

What’s the Purpose of Window Sheers?

Sheers and curtains are very light, delicate fabrics that hang as decoration while letting through plentiful amounts of light. They’re made from low-density knits like nylon, linen, or even silk, often with very fine thread; in order to achieve a beautiful translucent, gauzy effect. That means that sheer curtains are very light, and that they let in most natural light; as opposed to some curtains like blackout curtains, which let in almost no light at all. These curtains have the advantage of shielding a window from view and presenting a beautiful curtain instead, all while letting in copious amounts of natural light. All of these traits combine make window sheers perfect for New York City apartments with beautiful natural light.

What Sets Sheer Window Treatments Apart?


Due to the unique properties of the fabric in curtains and sheers, these curtains do something that almost no other kind of window treatment can. With most kinds of curtains, you either have to look straight through a window or at a blank curtain. But since sheer window treatments are translucent, you can look out through them, but no one outside can look in to the privacy of your home. The unique privacy capability of sheer curtains are one of a kind, which many residents in New York City appreciate having in their home.


Few other types of window dressing can let in so much sunlight while still in position over a window. While the sheer curtain is in place over the window, it allows in wonderful amounts of natural light. If you’re lucky enough to have a home in New York City that fills with natural light, sheer window treatments could be the perfect fit.

UV protection.

While it does let in plenty of natural light into any given room, a sheer window treatment keeps out excess UV light. UV rays are proven to cause skin cancer, and windows don’t filter out UV rays, which are a dangerous wavelength for human skin. But a sheer curtain can provide an additional layer between skin and sun — and one extra layer can make all the difference.


It’s difficult to find a more eye-pleasing decoration than a sheer window treatment. Window sheers drift and move with the breeze, making you feel as if your living room is really outside in the lawn. Except with sheer curtains up, the bugs and heat stays outside, and the refreshing breeze wafts right through.


When decorating doors, many don’t consider sheer curtains as an option. Yet due to their extreme light weight, custom sheer curtains are an excellent alternative to a regular door. While other curtains get in the way and hide a door from view, sheer curtains can act as a screen door of sorts — except beautiful and indoors. Anyone can walk straight through sheers and curtains, or just brush them aside.

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Should I Put Custom Sheer Curtains in My New York City Home?

Custom sheer curtains are a perfect way to care for your home and to accentuate your home decor. The loose breeziness of sheer curtains have become more and more popular in recent years, and for great reason. Curtains and sheers are a perfect balance between the practical and the artistic. While they’re great for high-traffic doors and for letting in sun while keeping out harmful UV rays, sheers and curtains are also elegant statement pieces that create a beautiful atmosphere. Custom sheer curtains are tailor-made for your home’s exact needs, and are ready to be installed to create the perfect environment. If you live in New York City or the surrounding area, give The Blinds Source a call to help us find the perfect sheer curtains for your home.