Retractable Blinds

Retractable Blinds

When you think of window coverings, you almost certainly think about blinds and drapes that you install to the interior of your windows. While indoor blinds offer great function and fashion, for certain areas of your home or office you may want to consider the added benefits offered by outdoor retractable blinds.

What are Retractable Window Blinds?

Retractable blinds are those that are able to be fully retracted, or stored away, when not in use. Normally utilized outdoors, this type of blind is extremely useful for blocking out the sun’s heat and UV light. In fact, this type of window covering can block up to 98% of the heat from the sun.

You can purchase either manual or motorized retractable blinds. With the motorized option you have the added benefit of being able to control your blinds even when you aren’t home. You can set your blinds on a timer to open and close at certain times of the day. This can add a great element of security when you’re away, making it appear that you are home when you aren’t.

Additional Benefits of Retractable Blinds

When you add retractable shades to the outside of your windows, you will experience the following benefits:
• Insulation from heat and cold will help lower your energy bill
• Complete privacy at the push of a button
• Amazing UV blocking potential can protect your valuable rugs, paintings, and wood floors

Additionally, if you are someone who loves the look and feel of traditional blinds and curtains, this option can give you all of these features while still allowing you that design element. Rather than installing blackout blinds indoors, you can enjoy whatever style you prefer while still having the option of complete privacy combined with energy savings.

Common Uses for Outdoor Retractable Window Blinds

One of the best ways to utilize retractable blinds is in outdoor recreation areas. If you have an outdoor patio that you would like to be fully open yet able to be secured when you’re not around, retractable window blinds are a great option.

Retractable blinds can also be used for patios or pool areas. Here they can provide shade and security in a simple and fashionable way.

Can You Have Retractable Blinds Indoors?

While retractable blinds are mainly used outdoors, they do offer some advantages when used indoors. They are a great option for any building where you would like blinds that fully open and close easily, providing privacy at the push of a button.

One common use for indoor retractable window blinds is in meeting rooms in office buildings where you are not able to apply any window coverings outdoors. Here you can simply have these close during meeting times when you need to use a projector or screen, or to reduce sun glare at certain times of the day.

Yet another use for retractable blinds indoors is over large windows that you would like to have elegantly covered. Windows over or next to beds or those in your living room are a great option to have open fully to provide complete light and dark when you are looking for it.

Are Retractable Window Shades Right For Your NYC Home?

Whether you’re a homeowner who has a great outdoor space in need of some added privacy, or a business owner looking to add function and fashion to your boardroom or meeting spaces, retractable window blinds are a great option.

Most retractable blinds are custom made to fit your space perfectly. Here at The Blind Source we have the high quality retractable blinds that you are looking for. Contact our experts today at 1-800-338-0385 or fill out a form to get started on your free quote!