Mini Blinds

Custom Mini Blinds

Mini blinds are a perfect window treatment for many homeowners or decorators. These are just like any other kind of blind, but they’re specifically made with smaller slats or individual blinds. Mini blinds for windows are often Venetian blinds, but custom mini blinds can come in many different styles. And while many of them are simply aluminum, they can also come in vinyl, wood, or other materials.

The Advantages of Mini Blinds for Windows

Attractive design

These are one of the most attractive window options for a modern aesthetic. They cast a low profile, thanks to their small size. That makes them perfect for any room in which the blinds aren’t meant to be a real statement piece, in contrast to blinds with larger slats or pieces. And the sleek, straight look that accompanies most custom mini blinds is ideal in a modern aesthetic, which emphasizes minimalism, clean, straight lines, and metal or similar-looking materials. And NYC is one of the perfect cities, thanks to its emphasis on modern decoration schemes.

Good for small windows

Mini blinds for windows are perfect for smaller windows. They make those windows appear slightly larger, and they make sure that the blind to window proportion fits with the rest of a room and with any other windows. So if you’re not sure what to do about that one window in your home that won’t fit any other blind style, micro mini blinds are a great solution. Of course they can fit other sized windows as well, and they look great while doing it.


Custom mini blinds can be made in a wide range of materials, sizes, and other factors. Micro mini blinds, for instance, are even smaller than regular mini blinds. Normal mini blinds are often about 1” in size, so micro mini blinds are generally around ½” in size, which can be perfect for some homeowners, particularly those looking to fit a window treatment to a smaller window. This variety makes this a perfect solution for many windows, particularly the smaller windows common in the New York area. For mini blinds NYC homeowners are perfect candidates.

Better light control

By their nature, window mini blinds have less room to let light in. While some larger forms of blinds can have a gap of several inches in between individual pieces or slats, mini blinds for windows have much smaller gaps. That means that if you need to have a room which lets in less light, both while the shades are closed and when they’re open, then window mini blinds are a perfect possibility.

Ease of use

These blinds are extremely easy to use and to clean. Most models can be raised with the simple pull of a cord, and they can be adjusted open or close simply by twisting a rod. And they’re just as easy to clean — unlike some materials like certain fabrics, the only cleaning that these require is for you to occasionally run a dust rag across them. Thanks to their metal or vinyl construction, they naturally repel dust, and all other kinds of dirt.

Where to Find Mini Blinds NYC

The Blinds Source has been one of New York’s most reliable supplier of high quality blinds and window furnishings since 1994. We make custom blinds in order to fit your exact specifications and needs. And for homes that may have small windows or a decorating scheme that works well with these blinds, we are eager to help you find the right window mini blinds for your home. Great a free estimate today for your blinds needs!