Levolor Blinds

Levolor Blinds

Levolor is a company that has been creating quality window furnishings for over 100 years. They create a wide range of products, from roller shades to solar screens to vertical blinds, all of which can be found on their website. They even have a special product advisor to help you find out which blinds are right for you. Thanks to the legacy of quality provided by Levolor blinds, The Blinds Source is happy to offer their products to the New York City area, as we’ve been doing for years.

What are the Advantages of Levolor Blinds?

History of excellence

Levolor blinds have a legacy of creating top quality blinds and window treatments. Levolor was founded in 1914 by a Danish immigrant and die cutter named H.K. Lorentzen. He revolutionized the blind industry at the time, introducing practices like automation, assembly line production, and standardization to his business. That meant that every one of his blinds were top quality, and they were still available at a low cost that made them affordable for consumers at all income levels.


Levolor makes 26 unique products, which means that no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find it among our selection of blinds. Some of their products include natural shades, which use woven materials or other naturally-produced materials to create an environmentally friendly and attractive window treatment. They also make high quality metal blinds, which are extraordinarily durable, block a great deal of light, and are a reliable window treatment.


Levolor blinds are some of the highest value blinds on the market today. Their early adoption of ground-breaking standardized manufacturing techniques in their production has given their products a tradition of being both affordable and high quality, creating a high value for their users. The Blinds Source can even provide custom blinds and window treatments from Levolor for an affordable price in order to give your home the exact furnishings that it needs.

Reliable quality

Levolor blinds came to be known for their reliability and quality, thanks to Levolor’s history of standardization and other strong business practices. The introduction of standardization to window treatment manufacturing was a revolutionary addition, and it meant that the blinds produced would be reliable and of uniform quality — they are the same for each user, and are not subject to human error in the manufacturing process. That core ideal of reliability and quality continues today, and the blinds that The Blinds Source provides are uniformly excellent, and can still be customized to fit the individual needs of you and your home.

Why are Levolor Blinds a Good Choice for me?

Levolor blinds are a great choice of window treatments thanks to their legacy of quality, reliability, and affordability. The Blinds Source is a proud purveyor of Levolor products, and we have been serving the New York City area with quality custom window treatments like these for over twenty years. Levolor makes a wide variety of excellent products, and we at The Blinds Source are eager to help you find the perfect kind of blinds. If you have questions on which blinds is the best for you, don’t hesitate to contact us.