Faux Wood Blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds are a perfect way to revisit classic wood — with a modern twist. They combine all the benefits of traditional wood with the advantages of a man-made material. These blinds come in a variety of colors, sizes, and even materials. This blend of traditional wood with modern techniques of manufacturing result in the perfect custom blind. And in NYC, The Blinds Source has been reliably providing quality window coverings for over 20 years.

What are the Advantages of Faux Wood Window Blinds?


Wood faux blinds come in a beautiful array of colors. Just as there are innumerable types of trees, there are a plethora of colors for your blinds. They add a classic touch to any room, livening up your office or bedroom. These window coverings are realistic, and can easily be mistaken for regular wood at first glance. Their rich appearance makes them the perfect aesthetic choice, especially in a city otherwise made of glass and steel like New York City.


Nothing says classic like a set of wood blinds, faux or otherwise. They go back centuries, and are a traditional furnishing in many classic estates. In fact, Thomas Jefferson frequently referenced his wooden Venetian blinds in his writings, since they were a crucial feature of Monticello, his beautiful Virginia estate. While not every home can be Monticello, in New York City every home can have window furnishings just as beautiful and traditional.


One of the advantages that faux wood window blinds have over their genuine wood cousins is the weight. No matter the material, whether vinyl, plastic, or another material, these blinds will usually be lighter than regular wood. That means they frequently ship more cheaply, are easier to handle, and can be accommodated on a smaller rod or other window attachment device. This weight advantage also distinguishes custom faux wood blinds from other weighty materials like cloth.


These window coverings are easy to clean. Many blinds are tricky to wipe down, particularly ones made out of cloth. But faux wood is easy to clean — simply wiping a dust cloth along the edges will generally do the trick. And faux wood window blinds are often even easier than real wood to clean, thanks to their special materials.


Another advantage of wood faux blinds is the value and price. Wood faux blinds are often cheaper than their regular wooden counterparts, thanks to their manufacturing process, material, and other variables. While this is not always the case, faux wood blinds often come out to be cheaper and a better value in the long run.


Where regular wood can crack or scratch and other materials can break or tear, faux wood can retain its day-one quality for long periods of time. Our materials are built to last, and to withstand whatever your home and family can throw at them. After all, when you purchase quality blinds in New York City, you want them to last.

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Are Faux Wood Blinds the Right Choice for Your NYC Home?

Custom faux wood blinds are an excellent choice for homes, apartments, and offices in New York City. Their classic style, affordability, and practical benefits make them a tremendous value that can enhance the look of any room. With The Blinds Source, any home or other venue can obtain these elegant window treatments, custom-made to your exact needs.