Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are a wonderful addition to any home or office. Like other vertical blinds and drapes, they look great in a room both open and closed. But eyelet lined curtains are even easier to move around than many of their counterparts, while they share all the same advantages. That means they are easy to clean, they look great on large windows, and they regulate light and heat in order to maintain the perfect home environment.

What are Eyelet Curtains?

Eyelet curtains hang from round rings embedded in the top of each curtain. Between every ring — called the eyelet — the material actually folds, meaning that they can form an accordion-like shape. Since they fold, they can be all gathered at one side, stacked together; then drawn closed vertically by stretching out the folds. This wonderful design is one of the most practical inventions for window treatments.

Why Should I Buy Eyelet Curtains?

Ease of use and movement

Eyelet lined curtains are among the easiest window treatments to use in your New York City home, particularly when compared to some other vertical blinds. The eyelets hang on a curtain rod, usually metal, which allows the fabric to easily slide along the rod with no possibility of jamming or other failures.

Look good in all positions

The simple yet functional design of the eyelets makes it easy to slide the curtain down and back, and the design means that whether open or closed, they look great. Open, curtains with eyelets hang stacked close together on either side of the window. Closed, they have a more subtle fold or crease to them, while maintaining a pleasing texture and keeping out the proper amount of light.

Light control

Curtains with eyelets can be made with many different fabrics in order to create the exact right amount of light coming in and out. When you’re ordering eyelet curtains online for your NYC apartment, it’s possible to select the perfect thickness or opaqueness. These draperies, when closed, are exceptional in their light control. Thanks to their ease of motion, they can be adjusted along the rod to let in the proper amount of light. And depending on the material ordered, they can let in a certain amount of light even when closed; or they can block out nearly all light to create a cool, dark room. This is especially desirable in bedrooms.

Heat resistance

Eyelet curtains, thanks to their cloth material and ease of motion in drawing closed, can be great insulators for a home. A new report from Consumer Reports shows that curtains and other draperies can reduce heat gain by 33%. That can make a big difference on any electricity bill. These curtains are often thicker than other kinds of draperies, so eyelet lined curtains may often resist heat even more than other draperies. That makes them a particularly smart choice. Over the long run, curtains with eyelets may even pay for themselves in savings on electric bills from their insulating benefits.

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Are Eyelet Curtains a Good Fit for Your New York City Home?

These beautiful draperies are very easy to obtain, especially since anyone can order eyelet curtains online. At The Blinds Source, we can make custom curtains, perfectly tailored to your New York City home. In NYC, many homes have subpar draperies. But yours could easily stand apart, thanks to the easy process for ordering eyelet curtains online. For an easy to use window treatment that requires little maintenance while creating the perfect home or office environment, look no further than quality eyelet curtains.