Duette Blinds

Duette Blinds

While all blinds play a part in controlling light and design, there are some blinds that are capable of even more. Duette blinds are the top-of-the-line choice for those looking for the perfect combination of fashion and function.

For more than two decades duette shades have been a leader in the energy-saving space. The unique honeycomb design traps air, leading to extra insulation. This keeps your home warmer during winter and colder during summer, all while reducing your energy bill. This insulation is extra handy for homes and apartments with older windows, offering a reduction of the draft without the price tag of purchasing new windows.

An additional benefit of duette shades is that the trapped air acts as a buffer not only for temperature but also for sound. With duette blinds, you will find up to a 45% reduction in unwanted noise. If you live on a busy NYC street, this extra noise reduction can be a lifesaver!

Options to Consider When Choosing Your Duette Shades

Duette shades are highly customizable. You can choose very simple blinds, or even blinds that you can control with your voice or with your phone. Once you’ve decided on duette blinds, there are a few factors you will want to take into consideration.

Fabric Details

Duette shades are available in a wide variety of colors and textures to provide your room with the feel you’re looking for. There are blackout options and sheer options, as well as a variety of colors that can be used to accent your room perfectly.

If you’re having trouble deciding on one duette shade color, there is even an option where you can pick two contrasting colors to be used together in one set of blinds. This is great if you’re wanting to let in some light during the day and completely block light at night.

Operation and Versatility

Whether you’re looking for shades for your windows or sliding glass door, duette blinds are a great option. They come in both horizontal and vertical orientation. Horizontal orientation is ideal for windows, and vertical orientation is ideal for your sliding glass door. Duette blinds can open from either the top down or bottom up, with motorized blind options available. These options make duette shades a great choice for any type of glass fixture in your home.
There are many customizable options when you choose duette blinds. You can control your blinds from the comfort of your bed with a control or even your smartphone. One option exists where you can schedule when your blinds open and close. Imagine having your bedroom blinds open to gently wake you up with the sunrise, rather than using your alarm!

If you’re wanting to use duette blinds in your kid’s room, there are operating systems that make opening and closing the blinds exceptionally simple. Simply press a button at the bottom and your blinds can seamlessly open and close.

Are Duette Shades Right for Your NYC Home?

In NYC we experience cold winters, balmy summers, and noisy streets all year long. With duette blinds you will find:
• Insulation from heat and cold, leading to lower energy bills
• Sound insulation, resulting in less unwanted noise filtering into your home
• Customizable options, including motorized blinds you can control from your phone

Here at the Blind Source we can help you customize the perfect duette shades for every room. Call us at 1-800-338-0385 or fill out a form to get started on your free quote today!