Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are a perfect way to decorate your home if you want something both effective and visually appealing. With their cell-like construction, they function as a natural insulator and they have a striking visual effect. Most window treatments are made up of a flat fabric, a series of slats, or some other material, but cellular window shades have a three-dimensional construction that separates them visually from most other options available. And with The Blinds Source’s custom options, with our free installation and satisfaction guarantee, you can find the exact fit for your home.

How are Cellular Window Shades Constructed?

Cellular shades, when raised, look nearly identical to most other types of shades. When raised, they collapse into pleats, so they look like a normal stack of fabric. But when lowered, these shades expand. They are made up of a series of horizontal hexagonal tubes with a hollow core and open ends, giving them a honeycomb-like form. Custom cellular shades can be made up of a variety of materials, but are generally a light yet durable natural or synthetic fabric.

What are the Benefits of Custom Cellular Shades?

One of the greatest qualities of cellular shades is their effect on the insulation of any home. Heating bills can be one of the highest bills a homeowner or renter has to face. According to a report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, electricity bills in New York City cost nearly $2500 a year, and heating is by far the highest contributor to that figure. Cellular shades are a highly effective insulator, as they trap air inside their cells and provide a barrier to heat escaping the house. Bare windows are a very real heat waster, since glass is a conductor. But the multiple layers of fabric of double cellular shades, in addition to the air inside, provide a highly effective way to prevent heat from leaving your home or apartment, and can quickly pay for themselves with the savings on your heat and gas bill.

Cellular window shades, with their tube-like construction, are a unique-looking window solution. They offer a three-dimensional visual effect that many other window treatments rarely provide. If you’re looking for a new way to bring texture into a certain room or decor scheme, then double cellular shades make a striking visual impression. Each cell mimics a cell of a tree or of a honeycomb, evoking a natural sense even indoors. Many customers like to get shades that set their homes apart, and double cellular shades are a less common pattern that will make any room into a conversation piece for guests.

Noise dampening.
One reason many customers buy window treatments in the first place is to control their environment, whether that’s controlling temperature, light, or sound. And these shades have some of the best noise dampening technology possible. In the same way that the air inside the cells and the double-sided fabric insulates a window to keep heat inside, the air and fabric dampens noise from outside. This is a perfect feature for those living in New York City, which is sometimes one of the noisiest cities in the country.

Are Custom Cellular Shades Right for my Home?

Custom cellular shades are a strong choice for almost any home. For any decorator looking to improve a room and add interesting details like texture, cellular window shades are a strong choice. Like all of The Blinds Source’s shades, these have a satisfaction guarantee. They’ll provide the light control, insulation, and visual detail that you need in your home, and will look great doing it. Get started today with a free estimate!