Arched Window Blinds and Shades

Arched Window Blinds

Maybe you’ve moved into a gorgeous brownstone with windows from another era, or you’re redesigning your current home to give your windows a more dramatic aesthetic. Arched windows add a touch of timelessness to both contemporary and traditional homes. You may think that this unique style of window is difficult to cover – luckily there are countless options out there for arched window blinds and shades.

Do I Need Blinds for My Arched Windows?

Just as with any other window type, there is good reason to purchase blinds for your arched windows. Arched window blinds can add a touch of function and fashion to your windows.

In NYC it is costly to keep your home heated during the cold winters and cool during hot summers. Windows are one of the main points where heat is transferred, so covering your window with an arched window blind can help you keep your energy bills down throughout the year. Blinds also provide privacy and protection from the sun’s rays. If you have art, wood floors, or rugs, it is important to protect them from UV rays.

Styles of Arch Blinds

Similar to any other window, there are many types of blinds for you to choose from when you’re shopping for arched window blinds. Through a combination of material and color, you can add a hint of decorative style to your windows.

Some of the styles you’ll find for arched blinds include:

  • Wood and faux wood blinds
  • Honeycomb and cellular blinds
  • Motorized arch shades


Wood and faux wood arch window blinds are a great option for light filtration. When open, this style of arch blinds allows an appealing filtering through of light. Many wood arch blinds fully close to give you the option of blocking most light when needed

Cellular and honeycomb arch blinds tend to cover the whole window arch when closed or fully allow light to shine through when open. They look similar to elegant oriental hand fans and can help to block out most of the light coming through the window.

There is also the option of going for motorized arched window blinds. This is particularly handy as arched windows are often too high to reach by hand, making opening and closing them nearly impossible without a controller. Many of these can even be programmed to work with the touch of a button on your phone!

Be sure to match your arch blinds and shades to the rest of your window decor. Arched window blinds are offered as part of sets that can match more traditional windows.

Custom made Arch Window Blinds and Shades

Arch windows come in many sizes and with a wide variety of angles. This variety makes one-size-fits-all blinds next to impossible to find. At The Blind Source, we specialize in creating exactly what you’re looking for. We will design custom arch blinds that will perfectly fit your window.

Custom arch blinds add a touch of beauty and personality to an already gorgeous window style. We can help you pick the best material and color for your arch window.

Ready to Decorate Your Arched Windows?

No matter your home decor style, at The Blind Source we have what you need to take your windows to the next level. We can help you design a custom arch window blind look to fit your specific needs. Our specialists will help make your windows a central design fixture of your home. Contact our experts today at 1-800-338-0385 or fill out a form to get started on your free quote!