July 10, 2020

What Window Treatments Should I Put in my Brownstone in Brooklyn, NY


Thinking of New York City several images might come to mind: The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building, Broadway. Another slightly less famous, but equally telling of the city that never sleeps is the Brownstone. While most boroughs have them, none is more iconic as the Brooklyn Brownstone. This type of architecture has become synonymous with wealth and status and has been featured in many films in the city.


So when choosing window treatments for you Brownstone, you should decide on the window treatments that will best bring out the iconic features of your home. From custom blinds to Roman shades, there is a lot to choose from.


Here at The Blinds Source, we pride ourselves on giving solid information around aesthetics and function for our customers and just people who want to know alike. The purpose of this blog is to give you insights into how to accent your Brooklyn Brownstone with window treatments that will add to the iconic and historic image and city to which it represents. 


What Are The Best Window Treatments For A Brooklyn Brownstone?


Roman Shades


These timeless window treatments have yet to go out of style some 2,000 years after being invented. They are the picture of the flawless harmony between beauty and function. The texture, range of colors and shades, and patterns can tie any room together inside and look great from the outside too. They block sunlight from heating your home and provide the right amount of light and privacy control. This confluence makes for a stylish window treatment without being stuffy or overly formal.


Vertical Blinds


For a smooth and sleek look in your Brooklyn Brownstone, choose vertical window blinds. These custom blinds in Brooklyn match pretty much any home decor and range from giving you and your family partial privacy to full privacy with several different fabrics. They are equally affordable and durable as they can stand up to heat, humidity and the cold. Vertical blinds are simple to use and offer you yet another fantastic option for enhancing your Brooklyn home with quality custom blinds in Brooklyn, NY.


Luminette Shades


These shades allow the window casings of your historic home show and give a modern, minimalist look in the process. Again, you’re looking at the beautiful melding of functionality and aesthetics. Luminette shades’ cellular design makes them great for insulating in hot and cool weather. This makes them perfect for those high, floor-to-ceiling windows. They also come in different opaqueness, meaning light filtering at its best. Luminette shades allow for a sleek, streamlined look that is easy-to-use while not sacrificing the UV protection, privacy, light control and insulating benefits the people of Brooklyn love. 


Roller Shades


These easy-to-use and chic window treatments will add style and sophistication to your home in addition to light control. Roller shades offer fantastic privacy and comfort to your living spaces as well. From UV sun protection to cooling your home, roller shades protect the interior of your home from harmful sunlight. They come in a wide array of colors, fabrics and opaqueness. They deliver a functional and aesthetically pleasing option to put in just any room in your Brooklyn Brownstone. 


Traditional Drapes


Finally, if you are looking for that classic, turn of the century feel, The Blinds Source Recommends traditional drapes to draw attention to the high walls and ceilings. Offered in a variety of colors and fabrics, these classic window treatments provide you with the control you need to match the texture, warmth and feel wherever you decide to put them. Great for those old parlors, dining rooms and living rooms, you absolutely cannot go wrong with traditional drapes in your Brooklyn Brownstone. 


The Blinds Source Is The Right Choice For Window Treatments In Brooklyn


Since 1994, we at The Blinds Source have taken pride in not only installing premium window treatments into New York City homes but also providing insight, information and advice on how to make your home brighter through window treatments. Contact us for a free consultation with one of our experts to see how you can enhance your home with fine window treatments from The Blind Source.