December 19, 2020

What Are Cordless Blinds & How Do They Work?


Are you looking for a more convenient window treatment for your New York City home? Are you concerned about how the dangling cord on your existing blinds looks and may be dangerous to your family or pets? It might be time to consider cordless window blinds from The Blinds Source.


What are cordless blinds?


Cordless blinds are an easy and effective way method of light and privacy control for your home. While they still have cords running through them to raise or lower them, they don’t require you to pull a cord to bring them up or down. Traditional blinds have a dangling cord getting caught on things, causing hazards to children and pets, and looking unsightly. They eliminate this potentially dangerous nuisance, resulting in a happy and safe household for everyone living in your home.


How do cordless blinds work?


As we already know, cordless blinds are really ‘cordless.’ While they do have cords, these are typically inside the slats or cloth to keep the blind together. The active mechanism making them rise and drop acts like a pulley system where there is tension in the bottom or top rail, which allows the blind to function properly while the cords in the slats simply guide the blind up and down. Each blind may work differently depending on the brand, how new it is, and how much development went into making them. Some blinds are raised or lowered using a bottom while in some newer examples you can operate by using your hand to push them up or pull them down.


Benefits of cordless blinds?


So if window treatment manufacturers went through all the trouble to make a cordless blind, their benefits over traditional blinds must be a long and impressive list. Well, while the list isn’t a long one, each benefit cordless blinds offer is substantial. Here are the big ones:



They are objectively easier to use than conventional blind window treatments. All you need to do with these blinds is press a button to raise or lower them or use your hand to push them up or pull them down.


Avoid The Tangle


If you’ve ever had to clean, maintain, or move conventional blinds out of the way while performing housework, you will be familiar with the tangle. Some poorly-made blinds tangle when you try to use pull them up. With cordless blinds, you’ll never have to worry about that tangle of strings hanging from your blinds.




We mentioned it before, but it bears repeating – cordless blinds are safer for your children and pets. With all the strings coming out of a traditional blind, it poses a strangulation hazard to children playing in the area. Dogs and cats can easily get ensnared in the cords and seriously hurt. There are no worries in that regard with cordless blinds.


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