October 30, 2023

The Impact of Window Treatments on Home Value and Resale

When it finally comes time to sell your home, you want to do everything you can to maximize the return on your real estate investment. That being said, putting a little money into sprucing things up with new window treatments can go a long way in attracting the right buyers.

Adding premium blinds and other window treatments is a great way to increase your home’s value, while also boosting curb appeal in the market. When you work with a quality supplier like The Blinds Source, it’s easy to find the best window treatments for resale value.

Do Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

When looking up how to increase home value for appraisal, window treatments may be something that you overlook. Window treatments can increase home value in a variety of ways—from making your house more aesthetically appealing to helping increase energy efficiency on the property. Important examples of how window treatments can increase home value include:

  • Curb appeal—Window treatments enhance curb appeal by adding style and symmetry to a home’s exterior. This creates an inviting and well-maintained appearance. In turn, better curb appeal leads to enhanced buyer attraction.
  • Interior design—Window treatments elevate interior design by adding texture, color, and dimension. In the end, a well-loved and cared-for home will always demand a premium value, especially compared to more generic options.
  • DurabilityMotorized blinds and other interior window treatments reduce UV rays and protect against sun damage. Additionally, exterior treatments like shudders protect fragile windows during severe weather situations, which is extremely important in hurricane-prone regions.
  • Energy efficiency—Having high-quality window treatments improves energy efficiency by insulating against heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Consequently, this helps reduce utility bills.

All of these improvements play a part in increasing the overall value of your home, especially if they elevate the look and function of the property.

Should I Replace Blinds Before Selling?

Before you put your house on the market, updating window treatments can boost your home value while also making your property stand out to prospective buyers. According to 2022 data from The International Association of Home Staging Professionals, 50% of staged homes with updates like window treatments sell for 6-20% more than the listing price. While the housing market has been quite favorable for sellers over the past few years, homes that need a good deal of work remain on the market much longer.

What Are the Best Window Treatments for Resale Value

At The Blinds Source, we provide high-quality window treatment options that are sure to make your property stand out when it comes time to sell. We specialize in the following options:

  • MotorizedMotorized shades and blinds make it easy to promote privacy and protect the interior of your home from UV rays.
  • Soft treatments—As favorite choices for interior designers, soft window treatments like drapes and curtains add elegance and warmth to a room.
  • Shades—High-quality shades offer a clean, modern aesthetic and durable functionality for a wide variety of homes.
  • Blinds—Blinds offer adjustable light control and privacy, producing a practical and sleek window treatment solution for a whole variety of interior design styles.

No matter what overall aesthetic you’re looking to achieve, we can help select the most practical solution based on your preferred style and budget. Our blind window treatment ideas can match anything from a barn-style craftsman to an ultra-modern, minimalist home.

Tips for Selecting the Best Window Treatments for Resale Value

Choosing the right window treatments when selling your home can have a significant impact on its appeal and market value. If you want to add an elegant aesthetic to your property, drapes and curtains are great options. In addition, dining room window treatments such as curtains or shades are a great way to add privacy and coziness to your dining area. Eco-efficient window treatments like insulated curtains are also very appealing to budget-conscious, eco-friendly buyers.

No matter what you choose, be sure that window treatments are well-maintained and in good condition so you convey a sense of care for the property. In the end, these little details can go a long way in maximizing the resale value of your home.

Get Started With The Blinds Source Today!

If you’re considering selling your home but want to make a few improvements before going to market, window treatments are a good first option. Whether you need to update a room or retreat every window in your home, The Blinds Source can help. Since 1994, our family-owned business has helped design the best window treatments for resale value for clients throughout New York City. Contact The Blinds Source today for more details on our offerings and pricing. We’re here to answer any questions you may have about updating your window treatments.