November 25, 2020

How to Clean Cellular Shades


Some homeowners in NYC may have told you how difficult it is to clean cellular shades. That, despite their being energy-efficient and looking great, they are such a pain in the neck to maintain. Here at The Blinds Source, we understand that there is a bit of a process in cleaning cellular shades, but once you get the routine, there is really nothing to it. 


Removing Dust


Dusting is the preferred method as it poses the least risk of damage. There are two methods that work well for removing graying dust off your cellular shades. The first is with a lint roller, feather duster, or a microfilm cloth. Move them from side to side and be sure to follow the pleating to prevent the fabric from becoming deformed or misshapen. Gently apply the cleaning tool in soft, short strokes and repeat every two to four weeks depending on need.


The other way is to vacuum your shades with the brush attachment. Apply the brush attachment and much like the handheld tool, move the brush from side to side and top to bottom. Be sure to use a low setting because high suction can deform them. 


Spot Cleaning


This is for stained or spotted cellular shades and is more complicated than dusting. Moisture does serious damage to the fabric if there are multiple plies of material making up the shades. But still, sometimes this has to be done. Spot clean by dipping a cleaning rag into a solution of lukewarm water with a little detergent mixed in. 


Dab the rag onto the spots – do not rub or scrub or else your shades will start to pill – and be sure to test the rag first before jumping into spotting out stains as the dye from the rag can come off on the shade. 


Removing Bugs


Bugs can occasionally find their way into cellular shade pockets, get stuck, and pass away. Luckily, it’s not hard to take care of. A can of compressed air will push out anything that happened to get trapped in the cells as well as dust and debris. Apply the straw, insert into each cell, spray away, and sweep up anything that falls. A hairdryer on cool also works but is less precise.   


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