May 19, 2020

Fashionable Window Treatments In Manhattan


Window treatments in Manhattan apartments are a necessary part of life. They provide privacy in close quarters, light control and save money on energy costs. There are some custom window treatments in Manhattan that block out noise in the city that never sleeps. 


The window treatments you choose to put in your Manhattan apartment say a lot about your sense of style, whether you’re aesthetic-conscious, function-minded, or both, and the feel you want your home to have. If you’ve recently moved into a new apartment in Manhattan or want to make some changes now that more time is spent at home, here are some great ideas for fashionable window treatments in Manhattan.


Roller Shades


This type is one of the most popular options for Manhattan window shades. These highly-functional window treatments provide a sleek, modern look to any Manhattan home. The fabrics come in different levels of transparency, from light-filtering to blackout,  allowing you to control light, heat and glare. Custom blackout roller shades are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, or anywhere you want privacy if your closest neighbors are in the highrise next to you. They also do a great job of muffling noise from the outside.


Wood Blinds


If you want your window treatments in your Manhattan apartment to be long-lasting and low maintenance while providing a good amount of light and privacy control, then wood blinds are right for you. Wood blinds add warmth to a room the way no other window treatment can. You can put them in dining areas, living rooms, bedrooms and they work very well in home offices. It’s wise to avoid deeper-stained wooden blinds in rooms that get direct sunlight as darker hues attract heat.


Bamboo Shades


It would be hard to write about trendy window treatments in Manhattan without mentioning bamboo shades. These treatments are extremely stylish right now as they offer natural texture that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Bamboo is a naturally-sourced window treatment, which is great for standing up to the elements of heat and humidity. They work well in living rooms, offices or even a dining room. You can get them in light, medium and dark colors that accent the decor in wherever you decide to put them.


What You Should Consider Before Buying Window Treatments In Manhattan? 


Life in Manhattan comes with its challenges. The environment can be hard on the senses. Light pollution and noise can keep you from getting a good night’s rest. Sunlight and glare can ruin wonderful views of the city. Knowing the elements your Manhattan home is exposed to is a vital part of making the right decision in terms of window treatment. 


With so many options for custom window treatments in Manhattan, it’s hard to know which choice will give you the right mix of functionality, elegance and fit. At The Blinds Source, we pride ourselves on finding the perfect mix of all these factors. During your free consultation, we’ll listen to what you have in mind for Manhattan window blinds and work with your goals in mind to match the best combination of quality, ease-of-use and elegance.