January 05, 2021

Best Window Blinds for Sliding Doors


Looking for a new way to save energy, have more control over light, and provide your family with more privacy? Then you should consider getting one of these blinds or window coverings for sliding glass doors:


Vertical Blinds

The only actual sliding door blinds to make our list. These sliding patio door blinds are the gold standard for sliding doors. The horizontal construction of the vertical blinds is perfect for sliding doors and these sliding glass door blinds are known for their ultra-durable design. All in all, choosing this blind will provide an attractive, sturdy option that will last for years to come.


Roman shades

As one of the most versatile types of window treatment for sliding glass doors, Roman shades have been decorating homes since before Mount Vesuvius erupted. When these shades are raised, they stack or fold into perfectly shaped pleats. Dropped all the way down, they take on a smooth drape-like appearance, providing privacy, light control, and more energy efficiency.


Vertical Celluar

These shades provide an excellent solution for big sliding glass doors where insulation and energy efficiency are big concerns. Their cells, which look like and sometimes are referred to as ‘honeycomb’ shades, trap air as no other shade can. In addition to lowering your energy bills, vertical cellular shades work wonders for controlling light and providing all the privacy you could ask for. 


Plantation Shades

If you want to give your home a timeless, classic look, plantation shades are the right choice. The big benefit they provide is saving energy because of its insulating properties. Not only do they save you money on electricity, but they are also extremely durable and can be customized to fit just about any sliding glass door. 


Things To Consider Before Buying Window Treatments For Sliding Glass Doors


Here are some considerations you should have when choosing the best window treatment for the sliding glass doors in your home.


Coordinate With Other Colors

If there are other window treatments in the same room, be sure you choose colors and designs that match them for your sliding glass window blinds.


Ensure They Open The Same Direction As The Door

Be sure everything moves in the same direction. This means that if your sliding glass door moves right to left, be sure the window treatment you choose does the same. 


Think About Light Control

Whichever style you choose, you want your window treatments to preserve your ability to control the natural light that enters your home. 


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