November 15, 2020

Best Blinds For Doors


Thinking of putting door window blinds in your NYC home? Glass doors let in a lot of light and don’t allow for privacy when they aren’t covered. Fortunately, there are plenty of window treatment options when it comes to your doors that not only bring functionality but also aesthetics. 


Here we write about how to choose blinds for your glass doors, what should go into making that decision, and whether window treatments on door windows can ease energy costs. 


What Are The Best Blinds For Doors?


Sliding Glass Door Blinds


On sliding glass doors, vertical cellular shades are extremely energy efficient and offer functionality as they can move left or right. Vertical woven or bamboo blinds are also fashionable and functional while their texture gives the room a laid back, casual feel.  Dual horizontal window blinds look great when hung on sliding glass panels and you can never go wrong with the sunlight canceling and classic looks of Roman blinds.


Front Doors


Since front doors come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it can be usually difficult to find the perfect fit for them.  First of all, it’s important to consider how the window treatments you pick will look from the outside. If you have more narrow windows, you should pick either wood or faux wood blinds. These options work equally well for back door blinds. For larger windows, you might be better off going with roller shades or Roman blinds.

French Door


Wood blinds provide a traditional look and come in a lot of colors. Just make sure they fit in between the handle and the door. For a more affordable alternative, faux wood blinds also work well and won’t mold, rot, and are resistant to harsh climates. If you’re looking outside of blinds, you can choose cellular shades, which look great and help trap air to save you money on your electricity bills.  


How Does The Door Dictate What Window Treatments To Get?


In a lot of different ways. For example, you must look for blinds with an outside mount for French doors because unlike windows, these windows lack any sort of depth. Hold down mounts must also be added so the blind stays in place at the bottom. Not all types of doors can have hold down mounts so be sure to ask about that. If you have other window treatments in the same room as your sliding glass door, be sure they match your door window treatments to the ones already there.


Can Blinds On Doors Save Me On Energy?


The short answer is yes. By blocking out light pouring in through your front, french, or sliding glass doors, your home will be much cooler. This will save you money in the summer by not need to use the air conditioner as often. If conserving heat is more of a concern, your best option is to dress your windows in cellular shades.  


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