Roman Shades

Where to Find the Right Roman Shades in New York City

Roman shades are a great way to add a high-class touch to any New York City apartment due to their versatile style. They can be a great fit for kitchens, living rooms, or any other area in a home. But many homeowners are confused as to what these shades actually are.

What are Roman Shades?

This unique style of shades rolls or stacks vertically. Some of them come down in a smooth material, almost like unfurling a scroll, but some kinds come down in panels that give the shades a textured look. Roman window shades bunch at the bottom, so anyone can adjust the shades to be exactly the height that they want.

Custom roman shades can be made in a variety of materials as well as styles. One common material is bamboo. Bamboo shades are a lightweight, eco-friendly presentation of the classic roman shade style. Most shades, however, are made with cloth, in order to guarantee a pleasing, consistent look. Of course, custom roman shades can be created with a wide variety of dimensions, colors, and even unique options. This variety of customization and versatility makes custom roman shades an easy choice for New York City decorators.

Benefits of Installing Roman Window Shades in your New York City Home

Ease of use/functionality. These shades are some of the most straightforward home furnishings around. Just like you do with similar shades, like venetian blinds or aluminum blinds, you just a pull a cord that releases the shades to exactly the desired height. That means you don’t have to choose between just open or closed — the whole window is your range. When you’re handling your roman shades in NYC almost every day, it would be frustrating to deal with poor functionality. With shades like this, that problem goes away.

Stylish design.

Roman style shades are a beautiful addition to modern design. Whether plain or ornate, flat or textured, roman window shades add a unique touch to any window, whether you live in a NYC penthouse or a studio apartment in Brooklyn. And the gathered material at the bottom of the shades adds a unique touch that other window types simply don’t have. In addition, they look just as good gathered at the top of a window as they do on the bottom — an essential feature for any detail-oriented design.

Vertical release.

A vertical release is one of the special features that identifies a roman shade. With a vertical release, they can be adjusted in seconds — letting gravity do the work. Unlike other vertical shades or blinds, they descend evenly, meaning that they won’t get lopsided or bunched up. That’s what sets this design apart.


One of the many benefits of the construction of custom roman shades is their durability. Their clean, simple design means less chance for the shade to wear out or break. While some shades require moving along a rod or require frequent cleaning, these shades are simpler to operate and need less handling. Not only does that mean they’re easier for NYC homeowners to use, but it means that they have less opportunities to break. When you choose shades for your home, you want them to last.

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Roman Shades: Great for New York City Living

Roman shades for windows in your home are an excellent choice. For a beautiful yet functional style, these are hard to beat. Whether you want a small bamboo shade lowered to block out the sun in a bedroom or an expansive cloth shade allowing sun to stream into a pleasant kitchen, custom roman shades can enhance the design and appearance of any space in your New York City home.