Motorized Roller Shades

Motorized Roller Shades

Motorized roller shades are some of the most convenient shades on the market. They combine the ease of use of normal roller shades with the aid of automation. Our shades will both be an attractive addition to your home, lighting it up with the appropriate amount of sunlight, and be a time-saving convenience that makes your busy life a little easier.

What are Electric Roller Shades?

Electric roller shades are similar to normal roller shades. All roller shades are thin sheets of fabric, bamboo strips, or another material designed to roll up into a coil or bundle at the top of the shade. Normal roller shades are operated by pulling on a cord or loop which either rolls them up or down, depending on which way it’s pulled. This simple mechanism makes them simpler than blinds, which require adjustment and tilting with a rod or other string. It also makes them simpler than drapes and curtains, which have to be pulled manually across a window.

Electric roller shades are even easier to use. They typically come with a remote so that you can lower them or raise them with the touch of a button. And you can even adjust them from across the room — no getting up and walking required. This ease of use is unparalleled in other window dressings, and makes power roller shades the easy choice for any convenience-loving homeowner.

Why are Automatic Roller Shades a Good Choice?


Automatic roller shades are not just available in one style. These shades can be customized to fit any of your windows, and they come in a wide range of colors and materials. From bamboo to fabric to synthetic materials, motorized roller shades have an array of possible combinations to fit any home. And The Blinds Source is always available for a free consultation on the right fit and style for your particular New York City home.

Light control.

Motorized roller shades are an excellent way to control a room’s light. They can be made out of many different materials, some of which are more opaque than others so that they block more light. You can choose your material based on this so that you get the perfect amount of light in your room, even when your power roller shades are drawn over the window. And, of course, you can always raise the shades with the touch of a button so that the entire window lets in light.

Ease of use.

The best part about power roller shades is the convenience factor. With the touch of a button, you can raise or lower the shades from across the room with no issue. While you may have previously spent time grappling with stuck curtains, adjusting and readjusting blinds, or otherwise wasted time on your window treatments, automatic roller shades will remove a worry from your life and give you back a little bit of your time.

Are Power Roller Shades a Good Fit for me?

If you value convenience in your home, then electric roller shades are an excellent choice. And if you value your own time and don’t wish to spend it on getting up to adjust your blinds, then motorized roller shades are one of the best time-saving appliances you can buy for your home. The Blinds Source is a premier provider of quality window treatments, and we’re eager to help provide the best solution for your New York City home.