Custom Shades NYC

Custom Shades NYC

New York residents wanting more from their window treatments turn to The Blinds Source for the very best in custom shades in NYC. Whether you want your custom shades to make a statement about your personality and outlook on life, or to be as functional as possible, we have what you’re looking for.


Shades differ from blinds in several ways. Shades are made of one piece of cloth or fabric whereas blinds are made of slats of metal, vinyl or wood. Here are some of the refined custom window shades in NYC from The Blinds Source.

Roman Shades


Yes, these gorgeous window treatments have been in vogue for 2,000 years going back to the empire from where they get their name. These custom shades fold into an ornate border to hide its fittings called a pelmet. Custom Roman shades in NYC work best in bedrooms, living areas and make a bold statement in dining rooms too. 


Roller Shades


Looking equally as great in a bedroom as in a kitchen, custom roller shades in New York City roll and wind around the plastic tubing hanging over the top of the window or door. This versatile option works just about everywhere because they come in a wide array of fabrics, patterns and designs. This is probably why they are a popular choice for custom shades in New York City.


Cellular Shades


Custom cellular shades in New York come with two big benefits. First, their honeycomb design makes them energy efficient in any season. These excellent insulators trap air between the window maintaining heat during the winter and keeping it out in summer. Second, they are stylish in every room in your home. Together, these advantages make cellular shades one of the most popular custom shades in NYC. 


Pleated Shades


Love the look and insulating effects of cellular shades, but working on a smaller budget? Pleated shades are made of one piece of fabric that stacks on top of itself when drawn up. They come in a wide range of colors, making them perfect for any room, and are a breeze to operate. For custom window shades in NYC, you can’t go wrong with pleated shades.    


Bamboo Shades


Want a touch of the exotic in your custom window shades? Bamboo shades are versatile and functional while adding natural accents to your home decor. Bamboo is a surprisingly strong wood, meaning it can withstand the heat of the kitchen or the humidity of the bathroom. If you’re looking for custom shades in NYC that add a casual flair to your living space, but won’t break the bank, bamboo shades are for you.


The Blinds Source Is Your Home For Custom Shades In NYC 


For more information on The Blinds Source’s stunning array of custom window shades in NYC, contact us for a free consultation today.