Custom Drapes NYC

If you’re a New York resident who craves a touch of elegance that curtains just cannot deliver, consider fashionable custom drapes from The Blinds Source. Custom drapes in New York are always stylish and therefore always in high demand. 

Drapes add a dramatic element to a room and have the ability to heighten the mood upon first entering living rooms, dining areas or bedrooms. If you’re not clear on where and how to add custom drapes to your NYC living space, The Blinds Source hopes this article will help you decide if they’re right for you.

How do drapes differ from other window treatment options?

To the untrained eye, a drape might simply look like a big, fancy curtain, but there are many ways these two treatments differ. On the basic level, drapes are more formal than curtains. This is because they are made of heavier materials, are longer than standard curtains (most puddle on the floor) and, due to their thick makeup, drapes have to be cleaned regularly.

Curtains are more versatile–they can go in almost any room–whereas you will primarily find drapes with formal surroundings like dining areas, ballrooms and bedrooms with high ceilings.

What is a popular custom drape in New York?

One of the most popular styles of drape you’ll find in NYC is pinch-pleat drapes. These drapes are as classic and they are aesthetically pleasing. They are similar in style to a tailored pleat drape and the harder fabric makes them easy to maneuver and great for blocking out the sun if needed. Don’t let the traditional feel of pinch-pleat drapes fool you, they work well in modern surroundings and give any room an old-time charm.

How do you determine the right size for drapes?

It takes a sequence of steps to get the size correct with drapes, although it requires less precision due to the fact that drapes can puddle on the floor. 

The first step is to decide where the drapery rod will go. This step is important especially if you wish to make your windows appear bigger than they are. Next, determine the drapes’ width. Then the length of your drapes. After that, you’ll want to choose the style you want and finally, the drapery rod. 

Of course, you can always ask the friendly experts at The Blinds Source for assistance for finding the best fit for custom drapes in New York. Contact us today for a free consultation and get on your way to a higher level of sophistication in your NYC home.