Custom Curtains NYC

Custom Curtains NYC


New York residents who want to add a sophisticated touch to their apartments, brownstones or houses should consider custom curtains in NYC. The right soft treatments can enhance just about any room and with several options to choose from, you really cannot go wrong.


With a little help from The Blinds Source, you can have the custom curtains in New York that everyone will admire.


What Are Some Of The Different Types Of Curtains?


Just like blinds and shades, many types of curtains exist. Each type has the style, feel and room that it matches, and some have many. Here are some of the most popular choices you have for custom curtains in NYC.


Eyelet Curtains


These soft window treatments are chic, modern and functional. They are held close to the window by hanging from metal rings or grommets attached to a metal rack over the window. The rings make for ease of opening and closing the curtains. Custom eyelet curtains can go in most rooms but are especially great in living rooms and bedrooms because they are opened and closed frequently in these spaces.


Pleated Curtains


Many types of curtains fall into this category. Any curtains with evenly-spaced and repeated folds are known as pleated curtains. Pinch-pleated curtains are pinched at the top. There are also box pleated curtains, which look great in dining rooms, Pencil pleats that are a little thinner for a casual look and goblet pleat curtains that work well in high-ceiling spaces. 


Light Controlling Curtains


Whether you’re talking sheer curtains that allow quite a bit of light in, room darkening curtains that let even less light in or blackout curtains that eliminate all sunlight from coming in through your window, The Blinds Source has them all. Additionally, these curtains can add the ideal level of privacy to your home: sheer curtains are semi-transparent but allow for some privacy, room darkening curtains bring more privacy since they’re woven from a heavier fabric and blackout curtains block all eyes from coming into your home.


How Do I Measure My Curtains?

Measure your curtains from left to right for the width. Remember the width of your curtains should be twice the width of the window. For length, measure top to bottom, and you can have them float (end just before the floor), kiss (slightly touch the floor) or puddle (a technique usually reserved for formal dining rooms.)


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