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Motorized Shades

Motorized shades are a great advance in window treatment technology. Shades, blinds, curtains, and other decorations have been nearly the same for at least a century - some window treatments for far longer than that. But motorized window shades update window treatments for the digital age. Their convenience, value, and possibilities for environmental control make them a perfect addition to the modern home. And for motorized shades NYC is the perfect place - a modern city that needs every time-saving convenience it can get.

How do Motorized Window Shades Work?

Electronic shades are generally equipped with small, easily accessible batteries, often AA batteries. This gives them the power to raise and lower when activated, either by a button on the side of the shade or by a button on a remote. These remotes work from across a room, allowing users to adjust their shades without leaving the comfort of a bed, chair, or desk. Many shades can even be adjusted with the use of an app on a smartphone or tablet, enabling users to adjust all the windows in their room or home at the same time. A demonstration of this capability can be viewed here.

What are the Advantages of Electronic Shades?

  • Home value. Motorized shades can add a great deal of value to your home. They're one of the most high-tech decor options available, and they turn a regular room into a picture of modern advancements. Window treatments and interior decor are one of the last remaining low-tech parts of a home, but motorized shades make it possible to bring your home into the 21st century.
  • Convenience and ease of use. Motorized window shades are one of the greatest time-saving conveniences available for homes today. Instead of having to get up every time you want to raise or lower your blinds or change their position, you can just hit a button on your remote, and they'll do the work for you.
  • Speed. Not only are they easier to use, but electronic shades are simply faster as well. New York is a busy place, and motorized shades in NYC can make the small difference that matters when you've got places to be.
  • Range of options. Electronic shades have more options than many people would expect. Not only can they be raised or lowered by pressing a button on a shade, but they can also be raised or lowered from across the room with a remote. And in addition, motorized window shades can have their shades opened or closed with a remote, meaning you can choose how much light the closed shades or blinds are letting through. New York is a place of innovation, these numerous possible options make motorized shades in NYC a smart choice for anyone trying to outfit their home with the best innovations possible.
  • Light control. The convenience factor is not the only part of electronic shades that makes them ideal for controlling light in your home. In addition to their ease of use, motorized window shades are more precise than their manual alternatives. Since you don't have to get up and manually try and adjust them, it's much easier to adjust the shades throughout the day. For instance, if a window faces west, you can incrementally adjust the shades as the sun sets in order to prevent glare. That kind of adjustment would be more difficult and inconvenient with manual blinds, but with motorized shades NYC becomes a place where you can control the exact amount of light you need at any time.

Will Motorized Shades NYC be Right for me?

Motorized shades are an excellent innovation in window treatment technology. They're a perfect time-saving device, and make controlling your home windows a snap. The Blinds Source has been providing quality window treatments to the NYC area for over 20 years, and electronic shades are some of the most exciting technologies we have come across. We're ready to help you find the solution to bring your windows into the 21st century.

How much Motorized Shades Cost?

The price of motorized blinds and shades will vary, depending on whether they are battery, plug-in, or hard-wired. Installation costs will vary depending on the number of windows you are covering, but you can expect to pay anywhere between GET A PRICE ] per window that is receiving motorized blinds treatments.


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