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To find the right drapes and curtains starts with deciding the overall home décor that you want for your living room, dining room, bedroom and other rooms in the home as well. Choosing the right drapes or proper curtains for your home takes a little bit of planning and research, but the results will be well worth the effort.

The many different choices in colors and styles offer you a wealth of options when it comes to your decorating tastes. In fact, many professional interior decorators use curtains or drapes as part of their overall color and style scheme when it comes to creating the right appearance for the rooms in your home.

What to Look for in Drapes and Curtains

There are a number of aspects to search for when shopping for these items, particularly if you are looking to change the dynamic of your rooms.

Quality: Everything starts with having high quality fabrics and materials that will have the drapes and curtains last a long time. While there are plenty of other options involved in your decision, having the best in quality is a much if you want these items to last for years while still looking fresh and new.

Size & Length: Naturally, they will need to properly fit the window frame so that they appear appropriate for the room. Along with the proper size, you will also want to choose the right length as well. You can have them extend to the bottom of the window or all the way down to the floor if you so choose. Longer curtains add more elegance to the room, while shorter ones are more practical in appearance. Either way, they will need to fit with your own room décor.

Color: The right color choice adds the proper touch to the room. This is not only true in terms of the color itself, but in how much light it will add during the day. Lighter colors help brighten rooms even when the drapes or curtains are drawn which means that for living rooms and dining rooms you may want to choose this option. Darker colors add more privacy which makes them well suited for bedrooms, study and den.

UV Protection: This is a subtle, but important aspect of curtains is that they should offer substantial protection from ultraviolet light when drawn. This means that your flooring and furnishings are now protected from the damaging rays of the sun which will otherwise age them prematurely. Be sure to choose drapes and curtains that offer good UV protection.

Installing Curtains & Drapes

You can choose to do this yourself or have them professionally installed. Doing the job yourself is fairly easy if the curtain bar is already in place, simply remove the old and hang the new. However, if you need to install a new curtain bar and do not have the right tools, then you might need professional assistance.

In any case, having new drapes and curtains will liven up the rooms in your home and add your personal decorating touch as well.



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