December 09, 2020

How to Clean Yellowed Blinds


Have you noticed your blinds turning color lately? Could you have sworn that when you bought your blinds they were white? What you have on your hands are sun-damaged blinds. To find out ways of how to whiten blinds, read this informative blog.


Why Do Blinds Turn Yellow In The Sun?


One of the biggest functions of blinds is to protect our homes from heat and light from outside. While we don’t notice the sun’s effects, our blinds certainly do. Over time, the sun’s UV rays destroy the coating that protects our blinds. Without this layer of protection, the blinds start to take on the sun’s color of yellow.


Why Is It Important Clean My Blinds Regularly?


While there is nothing that will cure or prevent window blind yellowing, routine maintenance, and cleaning go a long way to extending the aesthetics of your blinds. Yellow stained blinds that are dirty look even worse. Dust, grime, dander, debris, and stains from cigarette smoke can all wreak havoc on your blinds. Although it won’t take care of the sun problem, it will at least eliminate what’s in your control.


How Do You Clean Blinds That Have Yellowed?


Plastic Or Aluminum Blinds


For these types of blinds, you’ll want to start by dusting all sides of the slats with a dry rag. Thoroughly do a once over with the blinds opened and then closed. Next, you’ll want to remove each slat from the clips. With some blinds, the slats don’t detach. If this is the case remove the entire blind with a screwdriver. Put the slats or blinds in the bathtub, fill the tub with cold water until the slats are covered, and then add 2-3 cups of bleach. Soak the slats for about 10 minutes and then wipe each side of every slat with a rag while wearing rubber gloves. Drain the water and wipe the slats with an old towel to dry them. Replace them when completely dried.


Fabric Blinds


Cloth or fabric blinds are done in a similar fashion to plastic or aluminum blinds. The main difference is that after the blinds soak in the bleach and cold water solution, you have to drain away from the bleach water and replace it with fresh, unbleached cold water to rinse. You do this by submerging the blinds completely in the water, lifting them out to let the water wash away the bleach, and then dipping them in again.


Wood Blinds


For wooden blinds, do not use bleach as it can completely ruin them. Instead of taking the whole thing off to the bathroom, you simply dust all the grime off them and wipe them down with a damp sponge. Regular cleanings should help them maintain their color and shine longer.


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