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Vignette Shades

When it comes to finding the right type of shades for your home, there are certainly many to choose from in terms of color, style and appearance. Vignette shades are certainly one of the growing number of popular shades that has garnered a considerable amount of attention in recent years. Known for its elegant design, this particular type of shade has become a welcome alternative to the standard roller or other types of blind designs.

What are Vignette Shades?

Also called Roman shades, the vignette is a type of shade that is used to block out the sun in the most efficient way possible. Unlike most typical shades, the vignette will stack evenly upon being opened which means that they provide a smooth appearance that is highly attractive compared to the ribbed appearance of most blinds.

As with most types of shades, this version uses a chord to adjust the height of the area which is covered. The cord itself runs vertically along the outside of the blind and will run through the eyelets of the horizontal rods as well until it is attached at the bottom of the shade. With the bottom of the shade still stacked evenly, the top can be opened to let in the light in a very elegant manner.

There are different styles of this particular shade, including the Classic and Looped version which are both designed to create more depth and greater dimension. While the classic version offers a pleated design, the looped has folds that will cascade downwards on the face of the shade itself in order to create a greater sense of depth.

In addition, there is also a seamless style of vignette which offers a smooth or flat face to the shade that provides additional style that may be the perfect choice for your home décor.

The Advantages of Vignette Shades

There are several benefits to purchasing this particular type of shade no matter your home décor or pocketbook as they are quite attractive and low in cost as well.

Variety: This particular type of shade can be constructed from a number of materials that includes wood, bamboo or fabrics. It is the variety of the materials, styles and colors which is arguably the main reason that this design is so popular. Around the world, there are many homes that use the vignette version and proudly so.

Durability: The clean design also means that under normal conditions the shades will last for many years and will need just minor maintenance over the that time. It is a testament to the construction of the shade itself and the materials used that denotes its durability. Of course, this will also depend on the quality of materials used in its construction.

Because the appearance of the shade will be different depending on whether it is the classic, looped or seamless style, the result is a clean, beautiful shade for the home that effectively blocks out the light when needed and can be opened easily. The overall appearance of the vignette shade is one that is highly attractive and certainly inviting to any home.



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