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Top Treatment

One of the most important aspects of your shades is not just the color or design, but the top treatment that will compliment their appearance. Unfortunately, many people overlook the top of the shades when it comes to properly decorating the home. However, they can really add to the appearance, color and style of the shades which will make for a unique statement.

This type of treatment is generally packaged with the shade that it will compliment the most. However, they can also be purchase separately if you are going for a unique, customized look that separates your home from the rest.

What is a Top Treatment?

Essentially, this is what sits at the top of the shades, providing a frame for how it will look over your window. Shades can be purchased either with or without the treatment, although they are designed to match and compliment the overall appearance of your shades.

Top treatments have been around for quite a while as they answered the obvious issue of what to place above the shades to help bring about a more elegant appearance to the entire window. The issue with some shades is that without the treatment on top they may appear a bit ragged or uneven as they sit in the window. Plus, they can let in the light from above the shade which means that the room may not get as dark as you desire.

The Advantages of the Treatment

There are a number of benefits that this type of treatment brings to the shades, particularly if they are purchased as a set.

Complete the Effect: Many shades are designed with the treatment at the top in mind, so obtaining it helps complete the overall look and provides a great compliment to your home décor as well.

Compliments the Shades: While most shades look great, they need the top treatment in order to appear complete. Otherwise, there is this unused space at the top that will unnecessarily stand out and may give the room an incomplete appearance.

Separate Cleaning: You can take down the top treatment to clean it separately from the shades. This means that cleaning is easy to do and you can put the treatment back once completed. A little light maintenance from time to time will keep the treatment looking good.

Why You Should Choose a Top Treatment

Admittedly, it may seem at first like an unnecessary expense to add something at the top which does little to block the light coming in the window. But when it comes to your home décor, having a beautiful, complimentary design at the top helps complete the overall effect of the shade and creates a more beautiful atmosphere as well.

For many, the top treatment is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to purchasing shades. By taking a little extra time and effort, you can get the right top treatment for your shades that will compliment your room and provide that special look that you always wanted.


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