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Silhouette Blinds


When it comes to the different types of blinds that are available, few match the versatility of silhouette blinds. A combination of cellular shades and mini-blinds, the silhouette design is one that offers the unique feature of actually letting a little sunlight in even when fully closed. The silhouette design is a fairly common one that is found in many different homes and certainly deserves to be considered when shopping around for window blinds.

This particular type of blind uses the traditional horizontal bands that open and close much like the blinds that have been seen for several decades on the market. However, there is a thin fabric that covers both the outside and inside of the blinds which helps to a little of the sunlight even when open and provide some privacy as well. The term “silhouette” may derive from the appearance of the blinds themselves under the fabric as they are silhouetted in sunlight.

The Features of Silhouette Blinds

There are a number of aspects that make this type of blind unique and well suited for many different homes and offices as well.

Elegance: The unique combination of the overlying fabric and blinds creates an elegant appearance which is perfect for most rooms in the home. You can even find different materials which create a unique look that will match your home décor as well.

UV Protection: Unlike standard blinds that allow the sunlight to come in unfiltered, the silhouette version provides UV protection that will help protect the furnishings and flooring of your home from the harmful rays of the sun. The protection of ultraviolet light is nearly 100% when the blinds are closed, but even when open they still offer more that 60% protection which helps extend the beauty of your flooring and furnishings that are exposed to the sun.

Colors: You can choose from a wide variety of colors as well to match your home furnishings and create your own unique look for your home. Whether you want darker colors for more privacy or lighter colors for more brightness, you can pick and choose from a wide variety that will create the look you want.

Versatility: Silhouette blinds can be raised or lowered just like standard blinds if you want to let the full sunlight shine through. In essence, this particular design is one that offers great versatility which means that you have more choices when selecting this particular type of blind.

Why Choose this Type of Blind?

There are many reasons why silhouette is the perfect type of blind for your needs. Certainly the versatility, colors, and materials make it an attractive choice, but they are also priced very well. For many, the low, affordable price is the reason that has convinced many that this type of blind is certainly right for their home.
If you are looking for that extra bit of elegance in a practical design that is low and affordable, you may want to consider silhouette blinds as the choice for your needs.



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