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Pleated Shades


When it comes to window shades, there is a substantial variety that are available. The shades themselves go back thousands of years and have been in millions of homes over this time period. Of the different types that are available today, pleated shades offer a unique combination of colors, patterns and especially textures that are unlike any other type of shade on the market.

What are Pleated Shades?

This traditional form of shade comes in all manner of shapes and sizes that range from the simple, pleated pattern up to the sophisticated Roman type. However, when it comes to this version of the shade there are two basic types;

  • True Pleat
  • Soft Fabric

The true pleated blind will offer a honeycomb or zig zag pattern that makes this version of the shade instantly identifiable while the soft fabric version treatment will allow the shade to fold up into itself at the top of the frame.

Each style uses an inside mount which means that the fixture will stay within the frame from one jamb to the other. Or, it can use an outside mount which is located over the top of the molding of the window. This is a popular design that offer certain advantages which has attracted customers over the years.

The Advantages of the Pleated Design

There are a number of advantages which makes the pleated design one of the best in terms of window shades. Naturally, some of these advantages will depend on your requirements for the shades in your home.

Variety in Operation: The pleated design means that the shade can open from the top-down, bottom-up or both which makes for a very unique and stylish shade for your room. You can choose to have uniformed opening and closing for all of your shades or perhaps choose a unique one for a particular room.

Blackout Liners: These types of liners can be used to add more privacy to certain areas of your home, namely the bedroom. Blackout liners are quite popular and can be easily installed in any of the pleated designs that you choose for your windows.

Motorized: Why pull a cord when you can push a button and draw up the shade? Motorized shades are very popular and make them even easier to operate. For many, a motorized pleated-designed shade is the only acceptable type they will have in their home.

You can also choose from many different colors and patterns to fit the home décor. Plus, they can vary between rooms if you have a particular design or style that you want to accent an area of the home or simply call more attention to the window itself. In any case, there is a wide variety available for your needs.

There is even the cordlock feature which has been put in to prevent small children from becoming tangled in the cord and be exposed to potential harm. Overall, pleated shades certainly have many advantages and are well worth looking at in terms of finding the best type of window shades for your home.



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