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Pirouette Shades

You can add that extra sense of elegance to any room by using pirouette shades. This unique type of shade provides good protection from the sun while also augmenting your living room, dining room or bedroom in terms of their appearance. While there are many different types of shades, the pirouette is a very popular version that is featured in homes around the world.

What are Pirouette Shades?

This is a type of shade that may appear similar to other shades in terms of their horizontal nature. However, instead of just having the solid strips or vanes, pirouette attaches a gently curved fabric backing to create more control when letting in the light. In addition, the fabrics come in different colors and add that extra bit of elegance to the room.

It is the practical effect of the pirouette shades that make them quite popular as well. Because the fabric is attached in the semi-curved manner, you get certain advantages that would not be present with normal shades.

The Advantages of Pirouette Shades

Privacy: Perhaps the most prominent reason so many people choose this type of shade is that it adds considerably to the privacy of the room. No longer will you have to worry about people on the outside seeing into your bedroom thanks to the unique fabric backing that keeps out prying eyes.

Elegance: There is something about this particular design that simply adds elegance and class to any room. You can actually see and even feel the boost that your living room, dining room or bedroom enjoys in terms of overall style. Plus, this particular type of shade compliments so many different home décor ideas as well.

Light Control: You can raise or lower the shades for maximum light control during the day. The unique design of the fabric backing means that you can do it all from letting a little extra light in to pulling up the vanes and drinking in the sunlight if you so desire. This particular type of shade offers precise controls so that it is easy to add the amount of light that you want to the room.

UV Protection: This is a very important factor as the shades keep out the ultraviolet light that can damage your flooring and furnishings causing them to fade and prematurely age. Since the light coming in is filtered when the shades are closed, you can preserve your home furnishing so that they will last for many years when using the UV protection that is provided.

Pirouette shades come in a myriad of colors and fabrics so that you can choose the one which is right for your home. From cotton to satin, linen to bamboo flax and more, the number of choices offers you the ability to precisely decorate your home so that it reflects your personal style.

For many people, this is the type of shade that works perfectly in the bedroom for privacy and provides enough style with different fabric choices for the living room, dining room, study or den.


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