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Motorized Shades

The traditional pull cord shades have been around for quite some time, yet they do have disadvantages that include having cords that a pet or children could get tangled. While motorized shades have been around for a while as well, they were often seen as luxury items that only the rich or well-to-do could afford.

Today, the motorized shade has become an affordable option for many households thanks to advancing technology and new materials which have brought the cost of the design down considerably. Now most families can consider the advantages of purchasing this type of device for the home.

The Advantages of Motorized Shades

There are a number of benefits from using a motorized device to operate your shades. In fact, they can be used on a quite a few designs as well.

No Loose Cords: Arguably the most important reason to use a motorized shade system is the fact that there are no loose cords around. This means for families with pets or children, the possibility that they could get tangled up in the cords is now removed. Every year, there are accidents reported that include the cords from shades or drapes that causes injuries or worse, so not having them present brings a little peace of mind to the home.

Convenience: Instead of having to pull up or down on cords, all you need to do is flick the switch and you can either bring up or down the shades to a level that is convenient for your needs. This quick and simple method is one that many people appreciate in their homes.

Reliability: Unlike the mechanical devices of the past that would wear out quickly, the new motor designs are simple, straightforward and built to last. There is no maintenance required and under normal circumstances they will last for a long time without the need for replacement.

Replacement: However, if the time comes when the motorized elements need attention, they can be replaced very easily. This saves on time, effort and energy when facing the prospect of not having your shades being motorized.

Price: One of the more pleasing aspects about motorized shades is now they are affordable for most people. This means that your household can enjoy having the elegance of this type of shade which will be of great convenience in your home.

Why Choose the Motorized Approach

There are certainly a number of reasons why this type of shade will work best for you, but ultimately it does come down to convenience, price, and style. Motorized shades are a part of the home décor in that they compliment your own style thanks to their operation. Whether having the motors running the shades will impress your friends or family is another matter, what it true is that they provide the type of operation that offers style and class that compliments your own sense of taste.

Thanks to their affordability, you can now purchase these types of shades for your living room, dining room and bedroom to add that special touch while offering great convenience as well.


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