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Luminette Blinds


When it comes to finding the right type of blinds, there are certainly many choices and styles that are available. One of the most elegant is luminette blinds which have been a staple of home décor for years. Luminette blinds work well with most types of living room or bedroom settings and they offer customers a wonderful choice of colors as well.

There are certainly many benefits to choosing this particular type of blind and for the discriminating consumer, there are advantages that go beyond the beauty and style of the luminette design. For many, they represent the only type of blinds that they will consider for their home.

The Advantages of Luminette Blinds

Privacy: Arguably the most important benefit beyond the distinctive style is the privacy that it provides. You can select the types of window shears used to provide you with the privacy that you desire. The window shears are crafted from different materials so that you can select the type that you really enjoy.

Variations of Size: Another advantage is that the blinds come in a wide variety of sizes so that you can use them for different types of windows and home décor uses. Add to this the different types of fabrics and colors and you have a blind that works in many different situations.

UV Protection: One of the most overlooked advantages of luminette style of blinds is the protection from ultraviolet rays that keep your furnishings and floors safe from damaged caused by sunlight. UV rays will fade the colors of furniture and even wood flooring over time which means they have to be replaced in just a few years. Luminette blinds block UV rays and keep your furniture looking newer for longer periods of time.

Better Energy Efficiency: The blinds will also help with your air conditioning and heating bills over the year as they block out the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. One of the most common reasons your heating and air conditioning bill rises during extreme temperatures is the heat or cold that is let in through the windows. The luminette design blocks the entry of extreme temperatures so that your air condition or furnace is not working overtime.

Ultrasonic Cleaning: Ultrasonic is a fast, easy way to clean blinds that keeps the fibers of the material intact without having to expose them to hard chemicals. This means that the blinds will stay looking new and clean with minimal maintenance as ultrasonic cleaning can be used whenever needed.

Luminette blinds represent some of the best you can purchase for your home. Their use of materials in terms of protecting your furnishings, flooring and home temperature make them the perfect choice. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors and sizes to match the living room, dining room and bedroom. In this manner, you can choose the size and color you want and feel confident about how your home décor will look when you incorporate this particular set of blinds.



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