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Honeycomb Shades

When looking for the right types of shades for your home, there are a number that you can choose from to augment the appearance of your window. Shades come in many different styles and colors, but the honeycomb shades offer a unique appearance that is certain to bring your windows to life while providing the privacy you need.

What are Honeycomb Shades?

Essentially, these are shades that have a unique honeycomb appearance found in the cross section of the shade itself. It is made by connecting hexagon-shaped cells which in turn will collapse into what are known as pleats when the shade is opened.

This unique design is one that offers several advantages starting with the energy efficient nature. This is because unlike some other shades which may only consist of one or two layers, the honeycomb design means that insulating air is trapped in the space within each cell.

The trapped air acts as a barrier between the heat or cold of the window depending on the time of the year and the air inside the house. By having this extra layer of trapped air, the shade can help lower electricity bills by insulating the windows in a highly efficient manner.

The honeycomb shade is very popular in colder climates since they can trap the heat inside the home for longer periods of time. By resisting the cold air that is generated by the window exposed to the outside environment, this honeycomb structure is perfect for homes that are in areas where the winters can be very cold.

The Advantages of the Honeycomb System

In addition to their energy efficiency, there are other benefits as well to using this particular type of shade.

Muffles Sound: For those who may live in noisy neighborhoods or near high traffic areas, this particular type of shade will actually muffle the noise coming from the outside. Combined with thicker insulation in the walls and you can significantly reduce the noise entering the home.

Muting Light: Because the honeycomb design when fully extended is thicker than most other types of shades, it makes the perfect privacy shade for your bedroom or other areas of the home where you want more privacy.

Colors & Styles: There are many different colors and styles of these shades that you can find which will match your home décor. The shades themselves are quite versatile and you may find places that will custom-fit them to special windows or find particular colors that may be outside the norm.

Plus, you can also go with finer fabrics that create a unique appearance for the shades while still retaining their advantages. They are very simple to install and can be decorated using various window treatments in order to soften any hard edges that may appear. Of course, even without treatment they are remarkable shades that offer a very clean, crisp appearance that is highly attractive.

Honeycomb shades are highly popular as they can mute the light and sound efficiently, insulate against the cold and heat and even provide excellent UV protection all while coming in a number of different colors and patterns which makes them a great choice for your home.


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